Thursday, April 1, 2010

iTouch Cover added to the "To Do List"

First, let me again say thanks to all who followed the links from Totally Tutorials and Craft Gossip to Sew Loquacious to check out my adjustable fabric slide tutorial!  Also, thanks for the emails and great feedback!  It really means a lot to me to get everyone's input!  I am so (SEW) excited to do another tutorial!
Speaking of tutes, I found a one for making an iTouch (or iPhone) cover at Dog Named Banjo that I am going to try.  Last weekend, after filling my 2 GB iPod to capacity, I got a brand new 32 GB iPod Touch.  It is so has WiFi!  I guess I figured now that I have joined the 21st Century (according to my daughter), I decided I needed this cool gadget.  I love it.  I don't love the case I bought for it, however.  Hence, I began searching for patterns in order to make my own.  I really like the fabric Robyn used for her iTouch, too.  Check out her web page for the tutorial at:
Here is a photo from her site:

My to do list now includes getting the rest of my supplies I need to start on the Butterick top, starting on this top, and making this cover for my iTouch.  BTW, I cut out the pattern pieces for the top earlier this evening and began reading the pattern.  At first glance, it appears "doable" and fairly tres facile, but we'll see...
Until next, let's be careful with those sewing machines!

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