Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sew, No More Halters!

Okay, I've decided I'm done with halters!  I've finished the Craftstylish "Super Easy" Triangle halter and, while it was pretty easy, I ended up altering the back so much that it is no longer a triangle!  I put elastic around the back after cutting a big chunk out of it.  Anyway, it turned out pretty cute, and I love the cheap fabric I used ($3.00 yd), but it's definitely not for me.  Even though I believe I am a pretty hip and happening hot mama even at 40 (grrr), and I did contemplate cougarness during my birthday last week, I am not leaving my house without a bra!  No, not even to make the Walmart run wearing house shoes and curlers...(kidding).  So, no more halters.  Well, at least the kind that you can't wear a bra with!  If you are brave, and under 40, go ahead and make this top, but I'd suggest cutting the excess fabric off and inserting elastic in the back.  

Am I wise now and accept the fashion rules for women my age or am I just chicken? 

I'm not sure I want an answer to that.  Night night.

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