Saturday, July 31, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is (and where there are NO giant bugs!)

Quilts and Quilts Store Branson, MO
Hello Crafters!  While my vacation was great, it is sew great to be home!  I absolutely love traveling and experiencing new places, but it is still nice to come home and sleep in my own bed...and use my own shower!

As I hoped, I came across some great fabric finds including the great selection above.  I bought this at a shop that boasts over 1,000 bolts of different fabrics!  This pin up fabric is a fat quarter and I bought these two additional fat quarters:

I'm not sure what I will make with these fabrics, but that doesn't matter!  Aren't they great?! This store has so many fabrics, books, notions, patterns, and quilting "stuff" it was almost overwhelming.  There were amazing quilts on display, however after my experience at another store previously, I did not take any photos here! 

I found some great quilts at an actual retail quilt store.  I took some photos before I was informed that photos were not allowed!  Here are those photos...on the "down-low" of course:

They are gorgeous!  These are just a few of the many spectacular quilts I saw.  I so want to learn how to do this!!

Branson was fun...and hot.  I saw little lizards and big fish and a huge, prehistoric looking creature on the back deck!  YUK!  We had a blast tubing at Table Rock Lake..I will spare you the sight of  swim suit'll thank me.  I worked on my tan, and ate sinfully decadent pastries, including two chocolate covered Twinkies!  Yes, two...I had to compare the milk chocolate to the dark chocolate right!!  I may have to have more just to be certain which is better! 
I've spent the morning going through emails and checking out my fave blogs, including fellow Bloggerette Sorority Sister, Cortney's at Living and Loving in California is having her first giveaway!  She is giving away a beautiful crystal necklace and earing set.I've posted a photo and link on my sidebar, even though I plan on winning!  Ha!

I have also checked in with Wendy at Blissfull ATC Swap.  My July ATC was posted and now we are getting ready for the August swap.  I think there is time for more sign ups if you are interested!  It has been loads of fun!  The theme for August is orange...what will I do??

Toodles for now!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Two New Bags...and Elvis?

Middletown Journal

Hello from sunny and super hot...Southern Missouri!  My family and I are on vacation in, I guess, the Country Music/Cheesy toupe wearing Capital of the Mid-West...otherwise known as Branson, MO!  It's been great so far and I am so excited to get to spend this time with my entire family.  I can't remember the last time my whole family took a vacation together.  My hubby and I have four kids...his, mine, and ours.  All girls...ranging in age from 21 to 5!  We are also blessed to have my cousin, Stef, and her sweet baby girl, with us, too.  Yes, my hubby is totally outnumbered by the girls, but I think he secretly loves his little "harem." 

So, since my cousin is with me, I can show you the bag I made for her before leaving on this trip.  It was one of those secret projects I was working on.  I really like how the bag turned out.  I only wish I would have had my custom Sew Loquacious stamp before I when I finished this purse.

If you can see it, the button on the band matches the shape of the fabric flower design almost perfectly.  The button serves no purpose, but is only decorative.  This bag is similar to the bag I made from the Goodwill skirt, but I made Stef's bag a tad smaller and also put a magnetic snap in it for a closure.  What do you think about this bag?

Another project I managed to finish before my trip was this makeup bag.  I had been using the same makeup bag for like 10 years!  Can you believe that?  So, I made this box bag based on the Stacy Sews box bag I made a month ago or so.  I am in love with this fabric.  I hope you can see the detail of this design.  It is so great.

Well, that's it for now, but stay tuned.  I hear Branson is ripe with quilt stores, and I am hoping, fabric stores.  Surely I will find some fabulous fabric for my stash right?!

Toodles for now!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My ATC and My Stamp!

Hello Crafters!  Just a quick hello to tell you that my first ATC made it to my friend, Wendy, today!  The theme is sisters.  I posted a photo of the ATC Wendy sent me the other day.  Her's is so great.  Go her blog and have a look at mine.  My take on "sisters" for this swap is a little different!

Another thing that I am super excited about is my stamp!  I got my "custom" Sew Loquacious stamp today!  I tested it out on a piece of paper and I think it looks good.  What do you think? 

Toodles for now!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Collection Begins Plus More 1970s Stuff!

Today I recieved my first Artist Trading Card!  My collection of these tiny masterpeices begins!  If you have not heard about them, they are sort of like baseball cards, except they are made by artists to swap with others.  I have joined the Blissfull ATC Swap and have partnered up with Wendy for this first swap month.    Wendy's work is fantastic.  Her blog is full of gorgeous photos of her art.  Check out what she made for me!

  Isn't is beautiful!  I love it!  I mailed Wendy the ATC I made, which, compared to her's is completely amaturish, by hey, it's my first!  When Wendy receives my card, she'll post a photo of it on her blog, so look for it!  Hopefully she'll receive it by Wednesday!  The theme for July's swap is "Sisters."  Next month's theme is "orange."  I guess that means anything orange goes!

Well, I'm sure everyone participating in Rewind Week: 1970s has been busy working on their projects right!  If you haven't signed up to participate, it isn't too late!  There is still time!  I have had a super time reminiscing, going through old photos and talking about those things that stick out in my mind from my childhood.  In a way, the 1970s don't seem that long ago.  On the other hand, it seems like we have "advanced" so far since that time.  For example, think about video games.  Look at Wii and Playstation.  These games are so realistic aren't they?  Now think back to the games in the 1970s.  I remember playing a tennis type game on our ginormous console remote control thank you very much.  I can still remember the sound. Another example of this advancement in our technology is in the kitchen. No, switching from avacado green appliances to sleek stainless steel is not technology, it is just better taste. No, the technology is in the appliances. Remember the "radarange?"
Atari Pong


Retro Renovation

And then, of course, our fashions have advanced.  Well, sort of.  I actually see a lot of people wearing "retro" inspired clothing.  Personally, I find the clothes of this time pretty awful...even more horrendous than the styles of the 1980s!

Vintage Patterns
I am actually really looking forward to doing Rewind Week: 1980s.  I was a child in the 1970s, but I grew up in the 1980s.  I wised up in the 1990s!

Alright, remember to grab your button if you are a participant! 

Toodles for now!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Forgive Me Wallace

Just a quick hello!  It has been a busy week and a super busy weekend!  I did managed to finish part of my Rewind Week project, plus my ATC for the Blissfull ATC Swap.  Of course I had to get up at 0600 on a Saturday morning to get these done so I could work on house, mom, and wife stuff the rest of the day!  The ATC swap theme for July is sisters.  I so wish I could show you a picture of my card, but I think that would probably be against the rules!  You'll have to check out Wendy's blog next week to see mine and you'll see the card she sends me here at Sew Loquacious!  It was really fun making my card...I'm excited to participate again  in August although super tiny beads will probably NOT be included in any future ATCs as I have concluded that carpal tunnel, too short of arms for my vision, and lack of patience, do not mix well with small beads. 
Unfortunately, I did not get to do Flea Market Friday hiss.  One of my obligations was to get the dog groomed.  So, while he was getting his hair done, I snuck into JoAnn's and scored some great clearance items, including fabric pens and a beautiful needlepoint kit.  This kit was less than one dollar!  I've never done needlepoint before, but how hard can it be?  I probably don't want to hear the answer to that do I?  I also had time to stop at a stampers store.  I guess that is what you call it...a slough of stamps, inks, embellishments, papers, and more.  I bought a fabric ink pad and ordered a custom stamp.  I can't wait to get my stamp!  I have been making my own labels using Word and iron on transfers, but with my stamp, I'll be able to stamp my logo onto my labels instead of ironing!  Yeah!
While I was shopping and having fun, my dog, unfortunately, wasn't having much fun.  This is how he is currently looking at me:
Forgive me Wallace.  You do look cute and your breath is so fresh!

Toodles for now!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bay City Rollars,KC and the Sunshine Band, Little House on the Prarie , and a Funky Haircut!

Hello Crafters!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!  It is has been a busy week for me!  Besides working on my project for Rewind Week, I have been working on a few "secret" projects.  I've also started working on an ATC, which I am actually super excited about. Bloggerette Sorority sisters Wendy, from Bliss ANGELS and Debbie, from Mosaic Magpie have started an ATC swap.  Go to Blissfull ATC Swap and check it out!  In case you are wondering, an ATC is an artist trading card.  These are small (baseball card size) cards that are handmade pieces of art.  Sometimes, a series of cards are made surrounding a common theme.  The first theme for my first ATC swap is "Sisters."  I'm a little nervous because I have never made anything like this nor have I participated in any sort of swab, but I am excited, too.  Since joining the Sorority, I have "met" some really great lady bloggers and have been exposed to some great crafts that I probably would not have had I not joined! 

Okay, so why the Bay City Rollars album cover?  Well, it is relevant to pre- Rewind Week.  Do you remember certain music from your childhood?  Do certain songs and or images stick out in your mind?  For me, I remember this album cover.  I really have no idea why.  The first song that sticks in my memory from my childhood is American Woman by the Guess Who.  Again, no idea why this has stayed in my memory bank since I was a young kid.  Anyway, I've compiled a few more significant images from my childhood.  First, KC and the Sunshine Band.  I do remember listening to this music and I definately remember my sister teasing me telling me that I looked like KC...again a hair thing.  Again, my hair issues were her fault!  (She played beauty shop on me).
One of my fondest childhood memories is watching and playing Little House on the Prarie.  I actually grew up not too far away from The Big Woods, so this was extra special to me.  Do you remember the opening credits when Laura is running down the hill?  I reenacted this scene millions of times!
Besides the Ingalls family, I was also a fan of the Wilderness Family.  The Wilderness Family is the first movie I remember seeing in a theater.
These are just a few of the significant images and music from my childhood.  There are many more, including, Donny and Marie, the Brady Bunch, Grizzly Adams and the Patridge Family, but the most influential and relevant to my very being is (any guesses?):

This movie has impacted my entire life.  Anybody else?  I know there are those out there that have NEVER gone swimming (even in a swimming pool) without thinking about this I right?  It's okay to admit it.  You are not alone.

Alright.  I will leave you with one last picture.  This is a photo of me and my sister.  We are wearing what I consider to be Holly Hobbie dresses.  My mother made them for us and also made a matching one for herself.  Pretty funky hair right?

Have a great rest of the week!

Toodles for now!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shaun Cassidy...Again I say, "No, you are not Vintage!"

A few weeks ago I snapped this photo during a Flea Market Friday outing.  This album was marked as "vintage hearthrob."  Vintage?  At the time I laughed, but later, thought, if Shaun is I vintage, too?  I did have this album and poster and I watched The Hardy Boys (circa 1977)!  I say, "NO!"  No to both!  We are not vintage...just wiser.  Yeah, that's it.  Oh, and by the way, I also had a huge Andy Gibb poster.  I can still see it...his feathered blonde hair appeared to be moving in imaginary wind and his black, gigantic collared, shirt, unbuttoned a little too far...He had the whitest teeth didn't he?  I guess in thirty years Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus will be vintage, too...right?

Thanks again for the great response to the Rewind Week!  There is still time to sign up if you haven't done so.  Please remember, this event is open to everyone...even if you don't have a blog!  Just send me an email!To those who have signed up, I've posted your button and code on my sidebar, just below the participant link list.  I will also email you the code..just in case I messed something up in the scrollbox! 

As for the link list, please take the opportunity to click on the blogs.  All the blogs are terrific!  I've had a fantastic time checking out the blogs here as well as through the Bloggerette Sorority

Toodles for now!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Babe...I Got You Babe

Sonny and Cher

Hi Crafters!  I can't tell you how thrilled I am about the response to our Rewind Week!  I have started a link list with all the Crafters who left me a comment in my Friday post.  If I have missed someone or their link isn't working, PLEASE let me know!  Also, if you didn't leave me a comment, don't fret, you can still "sign up."  Remember, you don't have to "Follow Me, " but it'd be cool if you did!  Just give me a shout via comment or email!  I've had a blast reading the comments and emails...I've also loved visiting your blogs, including many, many, Bloggerette Sorority blogs!  I really had no idea just how many beautiful, well written blogs are out there...and so many crafts.  I just love everything I've seen so far.  I am inspired to try different mediums!!!

So why did I choose to start with the 1970s?  Well, first, I will tell you that I am 40!  That means I was born in 1970.  And you didn't think I was good at math!  Well, I'm not.  Anyway, my first memories begin around the middle of the decade.  I remember Jimmy Carter, watching Dolly Parton come down to her stage on a swing, Little House on the Prarie, the Captain and Tenielle, and of course, Sonny and Cher.  As a matter of fact, my sister and I used to pretend we were on the show.  My sister always got to play Cher and I then had to be Sonny.  I guess that was use I was sort of a tomboy.  I used to play in the dirt and wasn't afraid anything...except thunder, vampires, and of course...JAWS. 

My sister and I are just ten months apart. When we were growing up, we fought like cats and dogs, but I remember we also had a ton of fun playing with our cousins.  We played Charlie's Angels.  Yep, my sister got to play the Farrah character, Jill!  I was always Sabrina (Kate Jackson) and Stef was Kelly (Jaclyn Smith)!  I guess that was because Stef and I had dark hair...hmmm.

I'll leave you with another picture with me in it...Several years ago my mother and I dressed up for Halloween.  We decided to celebrate as Sonny and Cher.  Guess what?  I got to be Cher!  Thanks MOM!  I love and miss you terribly.

Toodles for now!

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Time!

Wow!  Thanks for all the interest!  Finally!   Let's do a Rewind Week!  Thanks again to Karen and fellow Sorority Sisters!  Here is the plan:

A little backstory first.  So you know I do the Flea Market thing most ever Friday right?  Well, last Friday I saw so many cool things that got me reminiscing about my childhood and teen years.   I decided to plan a project that might inspire others to pull out old photos, get in touch with friends and relatives, or just make something "new" that's "old."  So, I decided to host a Rewind Week (I'm tiring of the word: vintage).  Actually, I plan to host several Rewind Weeks where anyone can participate by crafting something..anything..from that week's chosen era.  Over the next several months, I will host Rewind Weeks that will cover the 1930s-1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s!  Here are the "rules" for the first Sew Loquacious Rewind Week:  1970s:

  1. Craft something actually from the 1970s or inspired by the 1970s.  Your project can be anything and any sort of craft is welcome...sewn, beaded, macrame, knit, crochet, paper, whatever!  (Please nothing obscene). 

  2. Along with your project, write a paragraph about the 1970s and you.  What do you remember about this time in your life...that is, if you are old enough to remember, or if not, what are your perceptions of this time period.  For example, that picture I posted last night was taken when I was 6 or 7.  Besides my sister and me, the others are my cousins who I have recently reconnected with after not seeing each other for many many years.  This is extra special to me.  Get the idea? 

  3. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post telling me you will participate.  I will then email you with details on how to electronically send me your project.

  4. All entries must be submitted between now (July 9,2010) and August 6, 2010.

  5. Everyone who participates will have their project posted here during the Rewind Week, which will start on August 9, 2010.

  6. Every participant's project posted here on Sew Loquacious will be linked back to the participant's blog so other participants and viewers can and should visit the origin site and crafter.

  7. Every participant will be given this button to put on their blog.  Isn't it cute?
So that's it.  Oh wait, what about prizes?  Well, besides the great fun it will be to share in this project with everyone, one winner will recieve a great hardback Better Homes and Gardens book from 1970, plus a few other special items.  This winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced at the end of the week!

If anyone has questions, please email me.  If you want to participate, but don't have a blog, email me.  I really hope everyone participates.  I think it's going to be great fun and I can't wait to see the projects!  I can't wait to start on my project!  Fire up your sewing machine, sharpen your knitting needles, line up your crochet hooks and insert your Bee Gees 8 track and get busy!!

One last thing.  Which one am I in the photo?  I am actually the brunette sitting directly in front of the doll house.  Yeah, that's me with the Ringo Starr haircut (thanks Sissy) and my mouth hanging open!  Still, I'm pretty cute!

Toodles for now!
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Almost Time!!!

Hello All!  I'm just SEW excited I almost can't stand it!  As I said in my last post that I have been planning a participant event.  Well, I believe I have worked out all the details and I WILL POST EVERYTHING ON JULY 9, 2010!  I've teamed up with Bloggerette Sorority sister Karen from Some Days Are Diamonds  for this event and I thank her so much for her advice and much more!

I will be hosting this party, so get ready!  There will be drinks, dancing, karaoke, celebrities, and fabulous prizes worth $1,000.00s!  Okay, not really all those things, but there will be prizes worth much less, but still fabulous!  Plus, there will be a fun button for all participants to post on their blogs!

The above picture is another hint to what's to come...this picture is circa 1977 and I am in it.  Which one am I?   COME BACK FRIDAY FOR THE ANSWER AND ALL THE PARTY DETAILS!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cell Phone Cases, a Purse, a Favicon, a Participant Event, and Badly Dressed "Women." What A Day!

Hello!  I hope everyone (in America) had a great...and weekend!  To those not in the USA, I hope you had a great weekend, too!  I can tell you that my dog is glad the fireworks are over.  He has been petrified since July 1st!  He's finally able to come out from his hiding place under the bed and resume his domination over the cat.  Go get her Wallace!

I accomplished a few sewing related things over the extended weekend.  First, I finished the third, or is it the fourth, cell phone case?  I have been tweaking the design since the first one I made was completely unpractical for me.  My final (I hope) design is the same size, but instead of batting, I used two layers of flannel.  I tried one layer and found this too light weight.  For this final design, I also slipped a piece a stencil plastic in between the layers on the backside in order to stiffen this part of the case.  I used Velcro and sewed both pieces on with invisible thread.  The button is for decorative purposes only.  It serves no function.  I've given the case to a friend who has the same phone as me.  She has been tasked to carry her phone in this case and report back its practicality, etc.  What do you think?  Oh, this time I got the birds going the "right" direction. 

I also got my hands on some of the fabric I bought Friday.  I decided to try Simplicity 2396A Sweet Pea Totes  with the black and red fabric.  I found this pattern was written well and surprisingly easy to follow.  I really like the design of the bag and I love the pleats.  One thing I might change when I do another is to lengthen the straps.  They are a bit short for my taste.  The fabric is delicious. 

I'm very pleased with this bag.  I might have to keep this one for myself!

Have you noticed my favicon?  That's the little image that appears in your open tab or toolbar when you are on a site that has its own unique icon.  Mine is a shrunken version of my profile image.  As I have stated numerous times, I am not a super techno savvy mama.  This favicon was a HUGE accomplishment for me.  I have been working on it for days.  Last night when I clicked and finally saw the image, I nearly jumped out of bed!  I felt like I had won the lotto or something!  Now that I am an expert, I am willing to help any of you who would like their own favicon for their site.  Send me an email and I will let you know how I made mine!

BREAKING NEWS!!  I've got a participant event I am working on.  I'm sorting out some details, but I'll give you a hint...are you a Gen X'er? A Babyboomer? Do you still wear your favorite Chic jeans from the 80's?  Do you drool over Audry Hepburn fashion?  Mull over these questions and come back for the reveal!  I hope to post the details in the next day or two!

Okay, one last thing....I saw these "people" today as I walked into work.  I say people because I'm not quite sure if they are horribly dressed women or men in ugly women diguises...Happy Birthday America!  Only here can you walk down the street in slippers, rollars, and outfits like these!

Toodles for now!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Purses, Purses, and More Purses!

As promised, here are the pictures of the many purses I came across during Flea Market Friday yesterday:

I also saw a really old sewing machine inside a beatiful wood cabinet.  I was tempted to buy this, but unfortunately I really don't have any place to put it. 

And I just had to snap a picture of this song magazine after I spied the name on the cover....Amy Butler...another famous Amy Butler...designer of fabulous fabrics!
I hope you have enjoyed these photos.  It was a great (and long) day of looking and shopping. 

I'm excited to start my next projects so I can use the fabric I also bought yesterday.  Here is a sneak peak:

Pretty nice....can't wait to start!  Now, which one will I use first?

Toodles for now!