Monday, July 12, 2010

Shaun Cassidy...Again I say, "No, you are not Vintage!"

A few weeks ago I snapped this photo during a Flea Market Friday outing.  This album was marked as "vintage hearthrob."  Vintage?  At the time I laughed, but later, thought, if Shaun is I vintage, too?  I did have this album and poster and I watched The Hardy Boys (circa 1977)!  I say, "NO!"  No to both!  We are not vintage...just wiser.  Yeah, that's it.  Oh, and by the way, I also had a huge Andy Gibb poster.  I can still see it...his feathered blonde hair appeared to be moving in imaginary wind and his black, gigantic collared, shirt, unbuttoned a little too far...He had the whitest teeth didn't he?  I guess in thirty years Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus will be vintage, too...right?

Thanks again for the great response to the Rewind Week!  There is still time to sign up if you haven't done so.  Please remember, this event is open to everyone...even if you don't have a blog!  Just send me an email!To those who have signed up, I've posted your button and code on my sidebar, just below the participant link list.  I will also email you the code..just in case I messed something up in the scrollbox! 

As for the link list, please take the opportunity to click on the blogs.  All the blogs are terrific!  I've had a fantastic time checking out the blogs here as well as through the Bloggerette Sorority

Toodles for now!


Ady said...

I loved the Hardy Boys and Shaun Cassidy ... although I must admit I was slightly more partial to Parker Stevenson. Didn't guys have big hair in those days?!

Cyndi said...

Weeeeellll, you're a bit younger than me, Angela, so my teenage heartthrobs were Bobby Sherman, David Soul, and David Cassidy! Egads! And I agree with Ady, those guys had Big hair!

I'm still pondering what I'm going to do for my Rewind project...have some ideas but not for sure yet!



Heather said...

I loved Shaun too! I had two of his records and a tee shirt. I now have season 2 of hardy boys/nancy drew mysteries. I have ordered season 1 and 3. don't know why I have them out of order, I just do.

Denisa said...

I was born in '73 and he was my first crush. I loved watching his show where he would sing. My Grandma would comment on how tight his pants were. I was too young to care. I thought he was beautiful.

antmee said...

I remember most of the people mentioned and remember watching the Hardy Boys but most of all I remember my fav band in 1976 was "Yellow Dog" and their song "One more Night" or at least I think thats the songs name! I was only six! My brother liked Racey! He still has their album!

Great post!

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