Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bay City Rollars,KC and the Sunshine Band, Little House on the Prarie , and a Funky Haircut!

Hello Crafters!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!  It is has been a busy week for me!  Besides working on my project for Rewind Week, I have been working on a few "secret" projects.  I've also started working on an ATC, which I am actually super excited about. Bloggerette Sorority sisters Wendy, from Bliss ANGELS and Debbie, from Mosaic Magpie have started an ATC swap.  Go to Blissfull ATC Swap and check it out!  In case you are wondering, an ATC is an artist trading card.  These are small (baseball card size) cards that are handmade pieces of art.  Sometimes, a series of cards are made surrounding a common theme.  The first theme for my first ATC swap is "Sisters."  I'm a little nervous because I have never made anything like this nor have I participated in any sort of swab, but I am excited, too.  Since joining the Sorority, I have "met" some really great lady bloggers and have been exposed to some great crafts that I probably would not have had I not joined! 

Okay, so why the Bay City Rollars album cover?  Well, it is relevant to pre- Rewind Week.  Do you remember certain music from your childhood?  Do certain songs and or images stick out in your mind?  For me, I remember this album cover.  I really have no idea why.  The first song that sticks in my memory from my childhood is American Woman by the Guess Who.  Again, no idea why this has stayed in my memory bank since I was a young kid.  Anyway, I've compiled a few more significant images from my childhood.  First, KC and the Sunshine Band.  I do remember listening to this music and I definately remember my sister teasing me telling me that I looked like KC...again a hair thing.  Again, my hair issues were her fault!  (She played beauty shop on me).
One of my fondest childhood memories is watching and playing Little House on the Prarie.  I actually grew up not too far away from The Big Woods, so this was extra special to me.  Do you remember the opening credits when Laura is running down the hill?  I reenacted this scene millions of times!
Besides the Ingalls family, I was also a fan of the Wilderness Family.  The Wilderness Family is the first movie I remember seeing in a theater.
These are just a few of the significant images and music from my childhood.  There are many more, including, Donny and Marie, the Brady Bunch, Grizzly Adams and the Patridge Family, but the most influential and relevant to my very being is (any guesses?):

This movie has impacted my entire life.  Anybody else?  I know there are those out there that have NEVER gone swimming (even in a swimming pool) without thinking about this I right?  It's okay to admit it.  You are not alone.

Alright.  I will leave you with one last picture.  This is a photo of me and my sister.  We are wearing what I consider to be Holly Hobbie dresses.  My mother made them for us and also made a matching one for herself.  Pretty funky hair right?

Have a great rest of the week!

Toodles for now!


theodora said...

Hi angela, I love how you remind us readers of the things we were surrounded with, I also remember all of these things the music the images the shag haircuts,the shag rug in my room too, I also lived on a farm and we had sheep in the evening we would bring them down from the hill and put them in a pasture next to the house and I would also pretend I was laura I loved the books to before it was a show the elementary school teacher would read a chapter for us everyday I loved it.

Heather said...

I love little house on the prairie too!!! the reruns are on Hallmark channel each afternoon during the week. Sometimes we watch it, sometimes we don't. I wanted to be Laura Ingalls. The first costume I ever made was a little house costume complete with a bonnet. I was in 8th grade.

Karen said...

Oh how I loved Little House on the Prairie. I watched it until it ended, the first year I was married. When we were back East in So Dakota last summer, I discovered we were only a couple of hundred miles from their graves. But . . . just too far to go. SOME DAY! I would love to go to the Big Woods too!
I think I was born in the wrong generation . . . except snakes are not an option . . .
:) HUGZ! Karen