Friday, April 9, 2010

Ye of Little Faith...

I want to give a big shout out to Deb, my sewing guru. I took my top into her today and she confirmed that I HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG! That's right...even lacking the math gene, I did not mess up the measurements for the top or the lace! Deb said that 1 3/8 yards of lace trim is definitely not enough to go around the top of the top. In other words, Butterick messed up when writing the pattern! I feel vindicated. Now, I just need to finish the top. I had made a long ruffle out of the top fabric and sewed that around the top. This ruffle matches the ruffle I made to go around the bottoms of both sleeves. I need to clean up my edges and then finish the top by adding the elastic. Deb shared a cool trick for making the casing for the elastic at the same time making a clean edge...use bias tape! This is such a great idea. I can't wait to finish this top!
I do feel obligated to complete the top as indicated in the pattern, however. I mean if I am going to write a "review" for the pattern, I better actually make the top shown. With this in mind, I purchased more fabric today as well as more (a lot more) lace trim. Once I complete the original top, I will try the pattern again with this new fabric. Sew, stay tuned.
Check out the purse I completed last night. I changed up the Simplicity pattern a little for my bag. The pattern "called for" prequilted fabric, however I used some great home dec fabric. I also made the handles longer. What do you think?

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