Monday, April 5, 2010

Cutting on the Fold

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!  I enjoyed a three day weekend with family and friends from out of town.  I also began working on the Butterick top.  I picked up my supplies Friday and on Saturday began cutting out my pattern pieces.  Herein the problems started.  First, I bought fabric 60" inches wide.  I didn't realize this might be an issue until I tried to follow the layout diagram in order to cut my fabric pieces.  I really don't think the width of the fabric had to do with what happened next, but I'd rather lay the blame there than on sewer error.  The truth is...well, when it says in the directions to "NEVER cut on this line" they mean it.  The specifics on what happened and how I fixed (she said loosely) it will all be revealed when I post the actual pattern review, which, by the way, will most likely be more of a pattern translation than a proper review.  I am hoping to complete this project tomorrow evening.  When and if this actually happens, I will post a picture.  In the meantime, I have added a "to-do" list on my blog.  Have a look at my list and if you have any suggestions for ideas, patterns, specific fabrics, etc, please give me a shout! 

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