Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tutorial Posted!

I am so excited that my adjustable fabric strap tutorial has been posted on Totally Tutorials!  Thanks to all who have followed their link to my blog!  I hope that anyone interested in making these adjustable fabric straps will view my tute and, if there are any questions, or something isn't clear, please email me with your questions or comments!  This was my first tutorial.  I hope to write many more, so I want to make sure that my instructions are clear. 

Thanks again to Totally Tutorials and also a big shout out to Nancy Zieman


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Ady said...

This is a great first tutorial, Angela. The process is well-documented and the photos help a lot in understanding the process. Thanks for this - I'm bookmarking it and adding eyelets to my shopping list so I can have a go at making a strap like this very soon.