Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Whew! I made it through the week in one peice! Well, mostly. It was a crazy week and I really thought exhaustion was setting in. I stuck to my promise of spending at least 15 minutes in my lair everyday and because of this, I have staved off the aforementioned state of mind and completed a new bag I made using the Anna Maria Horner fabric I bought a few weeks ago! I made it about the same size and in the same way as the bird appliqued black messenger bag I posted about previously. I made the strap differently, however. I made it a bit shorter and a little more narrow. I also used heavier interfacing as this fabric needed a bit more weight. I used duck canvas when I made the black bag. I applied a magnetic snap to the flap on this bag as well as an inside pocket. Neither of which I had implemented on the black bag. So, I am pretty pleased with this new bag. Oh, I wish you could feel the fabric. There is a slight sheen to it and it is just delicious. I love it!

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