Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet A Great Artist, A Giveaway, and a Funky Crochet Flower

Up first today, I'd like to introduce you to a fabulous artist.  I met Liza MacKinnon at a weekend nearby art fair.  I was drawn to Ms. MacKinnon's space when I saw her handmade cards depicting vintage homemakers with "sewn-on" skirts.  I also saw some amazing wedding cards she made.

Image from MacKomics Studio

Aren't they great?!  Being Christmastime, however, I bought a Christmas card that Ms. MacKinnon said was made from a photo of her great-grandmother.  Here is the card:

This card is beautiful.  I just love it.  I'm not sure I will be able to actually give out this card...I may just have to keep it for myself!  You can find more of Liza MacKinnon's work on her website as well as her on her Facebook (MacKomics Studio) page.  By the way, don't you think she would do fantastic with the Alice & Camilla Paper Dresses?? 

Next, I want to tell you about my friend at RubyMarilyn.  She's having her very first giveaway.  She's made some awesome ornaments and if you win, she'll make you a custom ornament in the shape of whatever state you'd like.  Check it...and while you are there, have a look at the hand crocheted necklaces she makes for her Etsy shop.  They are gorgeous.

Image taken from RubyMarilyn
Speaking of crochet, have a look at my very first crochet flower:

Okay, I know, it doesn't look much like a flower, but it's my first real attempt at crocheting, so I'm happy.  I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, I hope.  I'm taking another of Bonnie's classes.  This one is called, A Pocket Full of Posies.  In this class, I am going to learn how to make the crochet flowers, as well as felt flowers, yo-yos, organza and tulle flowers, and more.  I'm really excited about learning to make all these, but mostly this crochet flower.  By the way, this is a self-paced class and is you can start at any time if you are interested.  You can sign up at Bonnie's blog or at her Etsy Shop.

A Pocket Full of Posies Class
Okay, I'm off to practice, practice, practice my crocheting!  Don't forget to sign up for a chance to win the Valori Wells wallet Hot Potato Pattern




Incipient Wings said...

Hi..her cards are gorgeous!
and your rosette is lovely!!!!
congratulations on learning how to do that!
have a good one:)

Em said...

HI Angela, firstly thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, I truely appriciate them! and secondly, I'm so glad you signed up for the flower class! I still haven't made the yo-yo's, or made a decent loopy one yet, I am concetrating on the crochet. My flowers look exactly like yours!! more like stars than flowers!!
I'm still trying to get it right!!
I look forward to seeing all your creations.

BelleSouth said...

Hey Angela!

I wouldn't want to give that card away either! Thanks for sharing her work.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, we've had a rather rough past few weeks, but I wanted to say hi!


Liza said...

Thank you for the fabulous shout-out! It was great meeting you the other day and I L*O*V*E those degas dresses... !! - Liza

RubyMarilyn said...

Thanks friend! It IS a small world that you grew up close to here! This is why I love the internet. Hope you are having a good day.

amazonratz said...

Love your blog, and no one is more deserving of kudos than my friend Liza! Her work is AMAZING!

Linda said...

Those cards are beautiful! I think your flower is great...I don't know how to day...

Bonnie said...

you so sweet to toot for me! I hope you are enjoying the class...the crochet is a bit tricky and needs a whole online class on it's i said on the blog, it is a very basic lesson on crochet and I suggest if you know someone who crochets get them to show you in person, it works so much better! I am sorry my videos are not 100% clear, I had to resize them for web as they take hours to upload otherwise and just way too big.