Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Wonderisms...Good Grief, Charlie Brown

Is it Wednesday already?  It is.  It is also definately the beginning of the Mad Season.  By that I mean crazy busy with shopping, baking, more shopping, eating, more baking, fighting crowds, lines, stepping on those little hooks you use to hang the tree ornaments, aggressively searching for the best parking spaces, more eating, spending more money, and oh yeah, birthdays, holidays, and family fun!

My Wednesday Wonderisms are totally random this week:

1.  Why do the grown-ups on Charlie Brown talk the way they do?  Why aren't they understandable?  Has this issue ever been addressed on the show?  I mean has is ever been explained?

2.  Who decided it was okay to wear these shoes?  I'm not even sure these should be called, shoes...

I snapped this number this summer in Branson, MO
3. How do gnats just appear in your house?  From nothing, I mean.  It is literally 25 degrees outside and poof there are 8,000 of them hovering around the one brown banana in the fruit bowl.  Where do they come from?

What are you wondering today?  If you want to play along, leave me a comment so I can jump over to your blog and read your questions!

I survived the craft fair while hosting my daughter's 6th birthday party, and I managed to sell a few bags and fabric flowers at the same time.  I also got a few custom orders.  I also got to meet some really cool fellow "vendors."  Most everyone did alright, but I didn't hear anyone say they could quit their day job anytime soon, including me.  I shared my space with my friend, Joanna.  Or rather, Joanna shared her space with me.  She made (and sold) awesome wreathes and other floral arrangements.  She, too received custom orders for fresh floral arrangements, which is really her passion.  Here is a photo of a super small portion of her work.

 These are the fresh floral arrangements.  Here is a photo of some of my "stuff"

Honestly, I'm glad the fair is over.  I basically just wanted some feedback about my work from folks who don't know me.   I got that, so I am happy.

I've joined another ATC Swap.  This one is hosted by Patti at Treasure Barn.  My partner this month is Dee Dee from Dee Dee's Craft Spot.  I'm mailing my ATC off to her this afternoon, so look for it on her blog soon.  I will, of course, be posting the card she sends me.  I can't wait!

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I know I do not show it, or say it, often enough, but I sure do have  a lot to be thankful for.  I know I am truely blessed.  Take care and have a joyous Holiday everyone!


Cortney Lyon said...

Hey Angela, I just linked up and participated in your Wednesday Wonderisms. I think I may have to do this more often. I like your items from the craft fair, the colors are great. Oh and about those "shoes" you were wondering about-YUCK!

Bonnie said...

the gnat thing...I know!!! I had about 30 hovering over a banana that wasn't even on it's way out yet... and the windows were not open, so I have no idea how they got in and then the next day they had all magically disappeared!weird!

Chris said...

Angela I love your Wednesday wonderisms... too cool :D
Love your craft fair items they are gorgeous. I'm not surprised you got some lovely positive comments :D
Chris xx

Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Sammy said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend.


-Samya :-)

Anonymous said...

Lol at your questions they were fun.
And so glad you enjoyed the craft fair. I am so sorry i have not been over in a week or two, gosh this time of year is busy isnt it? hope you had a great thanksgiving too.

Also I popped by to let you know that i have posted about something special for Christmas at Dezinaworld and didnt want you to miss out. please pop by and check it out when you have time.
have a lovely weekend my friend
hugs June xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Angela, I am totally laughing out loud with this post. I am a big Charlie Brown fan. my cell phone ring is the song from the show. i have oftened wondered why grown ups could not be understood? I actually say "wha wha whu" when my husband uses engineering terms I don't understand and he gets the hint. Congrats on your sales and good luck in your hunt for all your Christmas goodies.