Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hot Potato Coming Through!

Wow!  Are you stuffed?  I still am!  I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving!  Now, can we get on with the Christmas craziness already?!  No, really, is it Christmas yet?  Seriously, I hope you all did have a great Thanksgiving and I hope reflected a bit about what the holiday is actually thanks.

I'd like to say a big "Thanks" to Joy from Joy's Quilts for sending me the Valori Wells wallet pattern!  Joy sent the pattern, along with a great card all the way from "Down Under!"  I won this Hot Potato at Joy's blog.  Now I get to use the pattern for one month and then I must send it on to another blogger!  Here are the "official rules" if you'd like a change for this pattern:

1. You must have a blog to be in it.
2. Once you receive it, you must pass it on to another blogger via a giveaway within 1 month! It will be great to see where it goes around the world......
3. Add your name and blog address to the card provided which will also be passed on with the pattern.
Rules taken from Joy's Quilts

 If you'd like a chance for this awesome pattern, leave me a comment!  Become a follower, and you'll get a bonus chance!  Look how close I am to 100!  It would be so cool to make 100!!  I'll randomly pick a winner December 20th.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Toodles for now!



Cyndi said...

Hey Angie! Stuffed? Are you kidding...I don't want to even look at food for a week! And we have family visiting from Florida and all everyone wants to do is go out and EAT! Ugh!

I'd love the chance to win the Hot would be fun.

Have a great day and I'll write soon!



DeeDee said...

Oh I would love it and I know exactly where I would send it too... please enter me for the hot love this idea...

I am totally stuffed and still

Sammy said...

I want to participate in the hot potato Please, and I would love to win. It looks like an awesome pattern. Oh Boy, it is going to be salad for me till Christmas....!!!!

have a wonderful week.


-Samya :-)

RubyMarilyn said...

That is a super cool idea! I am in. Also I am hosting a giveaway on my blog right now if you would like to enter (might have been silly because I have so few people reading it but I thought it would be fun).

The Patch Craft said...

This is a great pattern I can think of lots of people I could make these for.

pick me pick me

antmee said...

Would love to play Hot potato. Sounds like a little bit of fun!

DeeDee said...

Can I play many chances we sorry I had to come and visit again.