Monday, November 1, 2010

Blink: It's November!

First Ever Pumpkin Pie!

I hope everyone had a terrific Halloween!  It is always such a crazy night in my neighborhood!  My neighbors know how to celebrate Halloween...driveway fire pits, hot dogs, adult beverages (for moms and dads only), spooky decorations, and everyone is in costume!  I think the neighborhood secrets are out because I'm pretty sure I saw kids getting out of cars and running up to the houses.  Clearly these kids are from other neighborhoods!  I actually stayed at our house for about an hour giving out candy.  I saw some really unique costumes besides the usuals...Woody from Toy Story, Hannah Montana, and lots of lady bugs this year! 

 Now that Halloween is over, you know Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it!  I just can't believe how quickly October came and went; I literally think I just blinked and the month was gone!   November always flies by for me.  Both my daughters' birthdays are in this month.  Thanksgiving Day is in between!  Speaking of Turkey Day, did you notice my pumpkin pie?  Although I fancy myself a fairly decent baker,  I have never actually made a pumpkin pie before!  I made two Saturday and they turned out perfect, if I say so myself..which I am!  Maybe this is a sign that I will be ready for the Holidays before the day before!  Nah, probably not..who am I kidding? 

Besides the pumpkin pies (and overeating), I also managed to complete my laptop bag using the owl fabric I bought a few weeks ago.  I am really pleased with how it turned out.  What do you think?  (Pretend you don't see that the owls on the flap are upside down).

My laptop fits perfectly inside.  I've padded the bag just by using thick interfacing on both the outside and lining fabrics and not actually quilting it.  It works.  The only issue (besides the upside owls), is that I didn't sew any inside or outside pockets for storing any computer accessories, most importantly a power source.  I didn't really think that through, I guess.  Next time, I will definately sew in some pockets! 

To all you stampers, mixed media artists, and paper crafters:  what you do is hard!  I finally finished all 12 ATCs for the 12 Days of Christmas ATC Swap.  I can't believe how hard it was to:

 A. Come up with an idea for "A Partridge in a Pear Tree (yes I thought of sticking David Cassidy's head in  a  pear tree)
 B.  Carry it out! 

Have a look at a couple of the final cards:

What do you think?  I bought the tree and bird stamp, which, I thought was kind of cheating, but soon realized stamping really IS NOT easy!  I also bought some distressed Stickles? ink, which I used to glitterfy the bird.  Again, not as easy as one might think.  I hand colored the pears with a paint pen and I glued the music and glittery stuff on the top and bottom.  What you can't see is that I used shimmery paper.  I will be sending my cards to Wendy in the mail and she will distribute them among the swappers.  I can't wait to see all the swappers' cards.  I am sure they are all going to be great!   

Have a great day!  I hope to see you for Wednesday Wonderisms!  Until then, toodles!



Teresa's Quilt Stash said...

Hi Angi, yummo pumpkin pie! They look real good. Like your bag too.
We had alot of kids in cars too, it was CRAZY!

Cortney Lyon said...

I like the cards, they are simple but elegant.Your pie looks did it taste?

Cyndi said...

Oh Angie, your pie looks scrum-diddly-umptious! I love pumpkin pie! And I think your laptop bag rocks. As for the "upside down" owls, just tell everyone they think they are bats! Seriously, no one will notice!

And... I think your cards came out beautifully! You did a great job...I really like the first version with the red trim on the top! Can't wait to see what you receive!



BLISS angels said...

LOL Angela I think I would have liked to see that version. okay confesstion time... I had a deep and lasting chush on MR.D for the longest time and at 13yrs two weeks was alife time... hugs wendy

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Angela,

I love your laptop cover--it's so cute! No one will notice that they're upside down...And I know ATCs take time--people don't realize it!! I made this adorable sewing one as a giveaway for my shop and that took longer to make than what I had for
I bet it was fun to make those though!!!
I hope all is going great and I'm glad you had a Happy Halloween--Ours in New Orleans is just like yours--"Party Central!"

mya said...

Quick note to tell you that your Halloween night reminds me of the fun I had as a kid and the earlier times in our neighborhood when out kids were younger.
Love that bird/tree stamp. I am going to look for that one.
Gotta go.