Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Wonderisms...Put The Pedal To The Medal (or Ice) Good Buddy

Today I have two questions for Wednesday Wonderisms:

1.  Why is it so easy to get sucked into marathon episodes of television shows that you never watch or would never think to watch?  This past Saturday morning, I awoke to find my hubby watching Ice Road Truckers on television.  While I had heard of this show, I had never actually watched it before.  So, I sat down and snuggled a bit with the old man and within minutes, became entranced.  Before I knew it, I had watched like three back to back episodes in a kind of hypnotic trance.  I don't want to offend any over the road - or ice - truckers out there, but I really have no interest in what they do or where they drive.  I know, I know, that sounds kind of mean, but really, do they need their own show? I don't know how this happens...IRT is not the only show that has "gotten" me.  Once, I watched like 7 or 8 back to back episodes of show about running a hair salon, not to mention the Top Chef marathon I watched last year!  Are there subliminal messages hidden in these shows keeping you tuned in?  (BTW, I don't run a hair shop nor am I a top chef). 

2.  Why is it always the worst, most annoying song that gets stuck in your head all day?  My drive to work takes about 25 minutes.  I can hear several different songs on the radio during my trip.  Yes, I'm guilty of constantly changing the radio station instead of leaving it in one spot.  Anyway, even if I hear 10 songs, most of which I would be singing along to, it is always that terrible song, that I couldn't get changed quick enough, that is stuck in my head ALL DAY!  Mmm Bop.

What are wondering about today?  If you are playing along, leave my a link so I can check out your questions!

Toodles for now!



Em said...

Hi Angela Oh I am so with you on these two! I get so cross at myself for sitting down and wasting time when I could be doing something more creative, but I stuck watching crap with hubby, like Heli-loggers, and deadliest catch.
Today we are 'snowed in' (england comes to a halt when it snows!!) and while being forced to watch 'toddlers & tiara's' my step-daughter had the remote! she saw an ad for 'I didn't know I was pregnant' and she said 'cool! I'm gonna watch that!' I groaned!! She is the reason they make these shows, she will watch ANYTHING, except decent stuff!!! haha!
and yep i hate the song thing too, thats why I always have a cd on in the car!
Hope the crocheting is going ok!

Heather said...

I agree angela!!!! By the way, I have found several vintage clothes patterns that were my mom's. I know you like vintage type stuff. Are you interested in the patterns? Just email me: to let me know. If you want the great, if not that is great too. Maybe you would know someone that might. We have a lot of them.

Incipient Wings said...

this is so true!
I sat and watched a marathon of deadliest catch and got really involved with it all! and I dont even want to think of a song that gets stuck in my head....although mm bop is kinda beginning to spin around...I've wondered that too, why is it the song you DONT like that does it.
have a great day!

Bonnie said...

Ha ha Angela!! The first one is hilarious and one I am guilty of! I always seem to get stuck watching things I also am really not at all interested in hairstyle shows or Whose wedding is it anyway or clean house! It's weird...oh and once I watched some show about loggers!! like why???

Cortney Lyon said...

I often get sucked in too...and I've watched IRT before and was fascinated for some reason. They have a "spin off" and it's about driving trucks on this mountain roads, thankfully I have not gotten sucked in to that one yet.

Cyndi said...

Hey Angi! Yeah, I have heard of IRT before but never watched it. I try to avoid both the TV and the radio for the exact reasons you mentioned! And what I'm wondering about today is why I can't seem to get my act in gear and get caught up and get your Wednesday Wonderisms on my blog! I'm hopeless! :o(