Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can One Implode From Eating Too Much?

I hope everyone is still enjoying a terrific Holiday Season!  Still eating lots, still watching movies, playing games with the kids, and maybe even doing more shopping!  I have been doing it all...mostly the eating!  I've watched more movies in the last week than I did throughout the whole year!  Honestly, I'm feeling almost like a bum.  I have started a few sewing projects, however, just to get me off the couch...and away from the pie for awhile!  I'll post some photos when they are done.  In the meantime, today is Wednesday and that means it is time for a few Wonderisms! 

  1. Is there an age restriction or limit for wearing glittery make-up?  Some of the beauty books advise "women of a certain age" (which means 38+) not to wear frosted eyeshadow or lipstick/lipgloss.  Yet, I've seen photos of older ladies in magazines clearly sporting white frosted eyeshadow. you have to listen to your kids if they tell you they don't think their mom should wear "sparkles" lipgloss?  I think not.
  2. How is it that 10 people can be in your home and 9 of them are cat lovers, yet the house cat becomes fixated with the 1 person that clearly does not like cats?  The cat will rub against the legs of that one cat hater.  She will meow at that one person and even sit right next to her when the feline will never get close to any of the other 9?  Does that cat know of the hater and decide she will attempt to convert the one into a cat lover?  Or, is she just trying to annoy the hell out of the hater just because she can...'cause she is a cat?  Yeah, I think so.
What are you wondering about today?  If you want to play along, link up so I can pop over to your blog and read your questions!

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Toodles for now!



Heather said...

I sort of stop wearing a lot of make up unless I am going somewhere special! As for the cats, hmm, never noticed that, but then again, I do like cats and have been informed that should I want another pet (I have 2 fish) that a cat would be best and 2 young girls will gladly help me pick one out. I have thought about it, but I just don't think I can afford one right now. Maybe in the future!

Em said...

not sure bout the make-up, but my cat does that exact same thing, except he starts to 'paddle' them and dribbles and purrs as if that will make the cat-hating one suddenly love him!!
looking forward to seing your next projects

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Things that make you go hmmmmm ;-)

btw - apparently it is possible to eat until you explode. I watched a documentary about a tribe in Africa that has some kind of eating contest - whoever eats the most wins. They showed the grave of the previous year's winner - he ate so much his stomach burst and he died......

Gives a whole new meeting to having to unbutton your pants at the table.....

antmee said...

A person only actually needs makeup when they are older! This I know from looking in the mirror at 40 and knowing it's time to start layering on the foundation to cover up the wrinkles that are starting to appear. I don't think glitter is a good idea because it gets into the wrinkles and highlights them!

My daughter has one cat that wont give me the time of day and one other one that wont leave me alone. It sprints to me and follows me around the minute it sees me. The other runs away the minute it sees me. Weird!