Wednesday, December 8, 2010

6 Geese a Laying ATC and the Unibrow

6 Geese a Laying
Terri Bush Paint n Thread

This ATC was created by Terri Bush from Paint-n-Thread.  Terri made the bed sort of three dimensional.  It is super cool.  Every time I look at it, I notice another detail.  It is really amazing.

Note Bert's Classic Unibrow
Here is my wonderism for this week:

Why is it that you never notice those "hangers on," those eyebrow hairs that you thought you plucked until after you leave the house and you don't have a tweezer with you?  Are the mirrors in my house that terrible that I don't notice the unibrow growing on my face until I get to work or, most likely first, in the rear view mirror in my car?  I guess I just need to carry a tweezer with me all the time..would the neighbors think me crazy if they looked out and saw me sitting in my driveway plucking?  Just wondering.

Toodles for now!



Cyndi said...

Terri's card is pretty darn cool...I love how she made that bed 3-D and all of those geese in the same bed is pretty funny!

Uhm, I just wonder how come I don't have any eyebrows? I have never in my life had to pluck my eyebrows...I have to draw them on and that, my friend, is pretty darn scary!

Guess what? I posted Wednesday Woderisms today! Yea!!!!



BLISS angels said...

Terri's ATC made me laugh because she emailed me to say that they were funny ! so when they arrived I got them out and looked but didn't see the joke until later in bed when it came to me and I'm laughing out loud to myself.Paul thought I had got mad... hugs wendy

Linda said...

Very cool card...I know what you mean only mine are other hairs on my face...why is it you look hard to see anything weird growing on your face and then you are in the car and notice a huge long hair growing from your chin!!