Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

My True Love Gave to Me..

10 Pipers Piping
Ten Pipers Piping ATC comes from Dana of Sinderella-Studio.  I'm still amazed how all the Bliss Angels 12 Days of Christmas ATC artists are so distinctly unique from each other.  Everyone's interpretations of their respective Days are detailed and, it seems, so respectfully thought through.  I love each card I have received.  I truly mean that.

I know it's Wednesday and I am sure you are wondering "where are Wednesday Wonderisms?"  Instead of the wonders today, I wanted to show you a few photos of some gifts I'm working on.  I've been experimenting with some fabric markers and "crayons" I bought.  I've sketched and "painted" on small pieces of fabric I've used to create make up brush holders.  In the past, I've resisted "marking" on fabric out of fear of ruining it as well as my love of the fabric itself.  It is similar to my resistance to tear pages out of cheap books to use in mixed media projects.  You might remember my Discovering Myself Journal.  I couldn't bring myself to rip out book pages to use for that project.  Anyway, I've thrown caution to the wind and  started with the fabric painting..albeit small...very small!  It's been fun and I think I may go "all in" before long! 

What do you think?  I've only included a photo of the inside of the first roll up bag.  The last two are sewn with coordinating fabric.  Sidenote:  Snaps are not "a snap!"

Come back tomorrow for the 11th Day of Christmas! 

Never fear, Wednesday Wonderisms will be back next week!  To all who are participating today, please let me know so I can visit your spot and read your wonders!!




Teresa's Quilt Stash said...

I like the fabric marker projects your doing. Did you use a light box to help transfer onto the fabric?

Em said...

well done, these look fab! Love the ladies!

Sandi said...

Very sweet gifts! Lucky recipients.. I know about using things. I collect vintage ephemera - hey some of it is just plain old, old paper. Still hard to me to use - even though the collection is pushing me out of the room LOLLOLLOL

DeeDee said...

I love thse brush darling..