Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Swans and Christmas Crafting

7 Swans A Swimming ATC
Karla Jackson

I wish my photo of Karla's ATC would have turned out better.  This card is absolutely gorgeous.  The swan's body appears to be a white shimmery leaf.  The head and neck are made out of beautiful beads.  The paper that the swan is actually sitting upon is so pretty.  This is definitely one of my favorite ATCs ever.  Thanks Karla.  I love it!

I'm sure all of you are super busy with shopping, baking, and, I hope, making!  Here are a couple of presents I've been working on. 

Bag Front (note the super cool Yo-Yo)

Bag Back
I've made this little zippy bag for one of my girls.  I drew the bulldog (my interpretation of the college mascot)and then colored the collar and added some bling.  Who said bulldogs can't bling it out?  I also incorporated my second ever YoYo as an embellishment, as well as some ribbon.  I then used my new alphabet stamps for the words.  I'm really loving the stamps!

Thom York Bracelet and Earrings
From "Eraser" CD

Here I entered brand new territory!  I've never made jewelry before and I swear I will not allow myself to get too involved in this craft as I surely don't have the time or money to get too crazy with this!  That said, these earrings and bracelet were really fun to make...except attaching the jump rings!  I am sure there is a tool to make this easier right?  Anyway, to make the earrings, I cut out the rectangle shapes from a paper CD case.  I glued each piece to some heavy cardboard and then "painted" them with several coats of ModPodge.  I did the same with the bracelet, but I had shape the cardboard, which was a bit tricky.  I think they turned out pretty cool and what makes them even neater is that they are totally unique.  I'm quite sure there aren't Thom York earrings out there...I hope.  My daughter is Radiohead's biggest fan, so I'm sure she'll love them!

I can't wait to see what you're working on!
Toodles for now!



Heather said...

love the stuff you are making!!!! I have not gotten creative for Christmas this year. maybe starting next year will be better. Love looking at whatever everyone else is making though!

Cyndi said...

Hey Angela! The latest ATC is really cool.... those are some pretty talented ladies in your group!

Love the bag and the jewelry you've made for your girls. I had no idea you could draw so well! You are a well-rounded talent yourself, girl!

I've been making table runners but can't post them on my blog because my iPhoto app is broken on my computer. Bummer! Hope Jeff can get it fixed soon!

Have a great weekend!



Incipient Wings said...

you totally rock! you are so talented,
all of this is incredible!

Teresa's Quilt Stash said...

Cool Angi. And yes there is a tool for jump rings, makes it alot easier.