Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wonderisms Wednesdays

Happy Humpday; otherwise known as Wednesday.  In my blog travels, I've notice Bloggers celebrate, for lack of a better word, Wednesdays as "Wordless," WOYW (What's On Your Workdesk)," "Outdoor Wednesday," and more.  These are all great and I've read and commented on many.  I think having a day dedicated to something, maybe even unrelated to your specific blog is kind of cool.  And, frankley, it is sometimes hard to think of something specific to sewing to write about every other day.  I've also bored myself, so, with this all in mind, I introduce (drumroll):  Wonderisms Wednesday! 

I've actually been trying to come up with something for sometime now.  I've wondered about doing a "Wayback Wednesdays," a "Wal-Mart Wednesdays," "Whycome Wednesdays," (I know several people who actually think whycome is a real word),  and even a "WTF Wednesday," but thought better about that one.  So, since I wondered about these and I find myself wondering about a lot of things lately, I decided to go with Wonderisms.  Sound fun?  Play along if you'd like...I'll  make the above picture grab-able before next Wednesday.  I have wondered about three particular things today.  I wonder:

1.  How is it that I can tangle myself up in invisible spider webs when I'm not anywhere near anything the webs could be attached to? 

2.  Why Hootie can't go back to the Blowfishes.  I can't dig the country music.  Is blowfishes a word?

3.  Do I really look like this?  My daughter's drawing of me.  Actually, I'm in awe (or wonder) of kids...especially my littlest daughter.  She gives me presents like this everyday.  It's great isn't it?

As I mentioned, Wednesdays are commonly referred to as "Humpday," or the middle of the week.  Well, Tuesday is really my Humpday.  That means tomorrow, Thursday, is my Friday.  Follow?    I've got a few projects I need to finish this weekend...first, my Discovering Myself Journal.  I've got to answer:  "I am beautiful"  and "My Quirks."  I'm a little stumped on the first.  Bonnie says to answer honestly..."what are your best physical attributes?"..I'll probably go with My Hair, although I am convinced it is a magnet for the aformentioned spider webs.  Maybe it has something to do with the amount of hair product I use???  Anyway, two pages to go and I'll be Discovered!

As for sewing this weekend, I plan to work on my Hepburn coat.  I have managed to cut out the pieces for my Hepburn coat.  The pattern is from Simplicity and there are only 5 pieces.  The big thing I've noticed about the vintage pattern is that the tissue seems a bit heavier weight than pattern tissue nowadays.  This pattern states it is "Simple," but I'll be the judge!  I'll keep you posted!

One more thing to look for this coming weekend:  The October Blissfull ATC Swap cards will begin to appear on the participants' blogs.  I finished mine and sent it to my swap partner, Leila from Artsy Creations By Leila.  Leila is a terrific artist and I am super excited to recieve the card she has made!  She is actually having a giveaway for a pendant she made, so pop over to her blog and check it out! Just a reminder, the theme for October is "Dark."  Be prepared for some creepy cards, I'm sure!  Until next time, toodles!


Cyndi said...

Hey Angela! I've seen all of those "W" words Wednesdays on blogs around blogland, but have never commented on any. I'll definitely be playing along on yours, though. There is a boat load of crap that I wonder about! LOL!!!

I can't wait to see your Hepburn coat. I think it's going to look totally cool. And as for your self-discovery journal and your last two entries, You Are BEAUTIFUL - inside and out! Don't forget that! :o)



Em said...

hi angela, i've just discovered your blog as I'm doing bonnie's class too, and keep seeing your comments, and just realised you had a blog, so i thought I'd check it out! your blog is really cool and I love how you've done your mini journal.

Anonymous said...

ooohh, I'll play!

Sammy said...

Hi Angela,

I really want to see the Hepburn coat. I wonder why the pop corn in the cinema is very expensive, and why some people are afraid of Rainbows? I am not LOL -!!

Any way it is wonderful to be back in the blogland.

Take care ( Love your sense of humor).
-Samya :-)