Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flea Market Finds & Page 3

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Thanks to all for your sweet comments regarding "My First Dress!"  I had a great time making October's dress and am already thinking about what to do for November's and December's dresses.  I'm totally bummed that the Dress Challenge 2010 will end with December's dress and  Margaret, unfortunately, has decided not host a Dress Challenge 2011.  I've been thinking about hosting it if unless one of the other participants already plans to.  Anyway, I wanted to show you some of the stuff I scored during my Flea Market Friday.  I also managed to hit a few thrift / vintage shops over the weekend. 

The first picture is of a silk (I think) circle.  I'm not sure what it is...I mean I can't call it a table cloth because it isn't very large.  I don't think I can call it a dresser scarf because it is a ??  Whatever it is called, it is beautiful.  The bird, tree, and flowers are embroidered.  I was told this silk circle came from the estate of a well known lady in the town I was visiting.  I also bought another item from this estate, however I plan on giving this to my daughter for her birthday, so I won't show a photo of it until after her big day!  These items, along with several others, were on sale in order to support the town's art society. 

The second picture is of a few vintage sewing patterns as well as a Vogue pattern catalogue from 1974!  Sew cool!  The last picture is of a collection of Foreign Travel magazine.  The collection begins in November 1934 and, save one, it is complete through December 1935!  I found collection, along with a ton of books, at a local thrift shop.  I feel I hit pay dirt here!  I found an entire room of books!  I actually felt guilty walking away from this store after only paying $2.00 for the magazine collection!  These magazines are full of terrific photos and graphics.  I originally went shopping to find cheap books to cut up for different paper crafts.  Honestly, I find the thought of cutting up books something I will have a hard time doing...even cheap books.  Is that weird?  Well, I will not cut up these magazines, however I did find a few books that will be sacrificed for the sake of art!

This then brings me to the third page of my Discovering Myself Journal.  I've finished this page and I "jazzed" up pages 1 and 2 with some stickers and gold thread.  I cut up my first book last night.  Well, I cut a page up; the page depicting Western Europe.  I glued Great Britain, Norway, and Sweden onto Page 3.  The ticket says, "What I Miss Most About Childhood..."

 My answer here:  No Fears.  I also miss people, places, and feelings.  You know the feeling at Christmas, the feeling like time moves so slowly, the feeling like you can fly, disappear, leap tall buildings.  I didn't have room for all these, so I stuck with, "No Fears." 

Here are my "jazzed" up Pages 1 and 2:

Well, that's all for now.  I hope to work on Page 4 ASAP.  I will post it when it is complete!  I hope you all have a super Wednesday and rest of the week!

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Toodles for now!


Anonymous said...

Angela, I love the old patterns you found. I have a few I found that I am hoping to someday actually make. Your journal page is so true, being an innocent child with no fear or understanding of what the grown up world is really like. Very sentimental. Good job. I can see that this journaling really makes one think.

Shelia said...

Hi Angela! I too love those olden patterns and the round, I'll call it a doily, is very lovely!
I'm still so excited! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Heather said...

love you finds!!!! Happy creating!

Linda said...

Very nice finds...I think I still have some patterns from 1974 and before from my Mom! The No Fears page is so true for all of us these days...I was talking to my sons and they said that kids today haven't the freedom they did as boys...and I had much more than them!

Fabric Art said...

Angela wonderful old patterns you found on the fleamarket and the doily is beautiful, I collect doiles to use in my art work, also a great page you have made.