Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do You Think I'm Spooky?

It's time for DARK ATCs!  First, here is the gorgeous (can you say that if, at the same time, it is creepy?) card my Blissfull ATC Swap partner, Leila, sent me.

As a bonus goodie, Leila also gave me this present:

This is a digital collage she made.  It is awesome.  Thanks so much Leila!  I feel so honored that she made this and gave it to me.

I'm sure Leila will be posting the card I made and sent to her on her blog, but here is a sneak peak. 

I printed a small (super small) portion of the the right panel from Hieronymous Bosch's Garden Of Earthly Delights.  The right panel is actually called, Hell.  The entire artwork is actually an alterpiece Bosch painted beginning around 1504.  He completed the right panel (Hell) in 1510.  I ModPodged Hell to a piece of cardstock and then sprinkled some black glitter on top.  I edged the top and the bottom in black lace and affixed a cross to the top middle.  When I first saw the theme for October, I knew I would use a portion of this work of art.  I guess I figured, "what is darker than hell?"  On a sidenote, I was a little worried that my partner (and other swappers) might think me a little too "out there" with this one, but I'm happy to say I'm not alone out there...these Dark ATCs are all creepy and DARK!

Before I go, I want you to go over to Sammy's blog, English Country Garden In Bags, to check out her new eStore and enter her very first blog giveaway...here's a hint..it involves cupcakes!

Samya's Blog Giveaway

One last thing...any X-Filers out there?  You will then no doubt know who said, Do you think I'm spooky?" 

I'll see you back here tomorrow for Wednesday Wonderisms and hopefully some photos of my flea market finds from the weekend!

Toodles for now!


Oh, and for the record, I DO NOT believe there is glitter in hell..


Linda said...

Very spooky! I love them!!

Cortney Lyon said...

I love it, it is spooky. Then again, I love anything related to Halloween and the dark side.

Sharon said...

No glitter in Hell! Well that settles it then, I'm not going there.LOL I love your ATC and all the thought you put into it. I think dark was tough for a lot of us. No Glitter huh...welll I'll be.

Leila West said...

I love glitter, so I guess I can't go to hell, hahahaha!

I love your ATC Angela, thank you so much....and yep, mine is finally posted. Got a tad side tracked trying to clean up after the wedding and getting my name changed etc etc, whoops, hehe.

Cindy Adkins said...

I love glitter too!!! I was out today and when I got home, the tag with the little spool on it was sold! But, I have some other designs I am working on with a spool, so they should be posted pretty soon. I'm sure glad you figured the Etsy thing out...I bet you're happy about that!