Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is That What is Called a Senior Moment?

Happy Saturday!  I just wanted to pop in and show off my completed Discovering Myself Journal!!  I've really had a great time working on this project, a first of a kind for me.  Bonnie's blog is so gorgeous and her designs are beautiful.  I'd love to learn how she creates her digital designs!  That's her next class maybe?  Anyway, while I didn't think I really needed to discover myself, and I don't feel I was lost and had find myself, completing some of the pages did force me to think about different parts of me and my personality:  The Good, The Bad, and The Down Right Ugly.  Also, just the physical aspect of creating the pages has really made me see and appreciate (even more) all you paper/mixed media artists out there!  That said, here are the rest of my journal pages:

Front Cover
I Am Beautiful

My Quirks

My Life Motto

Back Cover
I've also changed up a few of the first couple of pages.  If you'd like to see the entire project, click on Journals page on my side bar!

I think I had a "senior moment" when I came up with the name for the Wednesday Wonderisms project.  I had Wednesday and Wonderisms reversed.  I have no explaination for this other than I guess my mind works in reverse (some would say backwords) sometimes??  Anyway, I've corrected it and made a grab-able button for anyone who wants to play every Wednesday.  You can just grab it off my side bar.

Okay, I'm off to work on my Hepburn coat.  I have vowed to complete it this weekend! 

Toodles for now!


Cortney Lyon said...

Young or old we all have those moments. I really love your Discovering Journal, is that your handwriting because it's so beautiful. You don't see nice penmanship these days. Wow, that made me sound old!

BelleSouth said...

Angela, that's just super! The book looks very cool and I'm sure it was fun to make. I love your handwriting, too!

Bonnie said...

I just love your journal! you did such a brilliant job!! Thanks so much for your comments through out the class (one of the few that did!) I so appreciated it! I posted off your replacement today, will email you with the tracking code.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Sweet Angela,

Thank you for visiting Art of Mine and commenting on the ATC's. You thought you would be my 100th follower but you are already one of my friendly followers....;)!!
Thank you for your compliments on the Yvette's and my ATC's.

Oh how I love your book...wish I could watch how you made it...I want to make something like that
soooo bad but feel creatively stuck on how to go about making one!

Hugs and a Big Smile,


Em said...

Love your journal! so inspiring!
I've still not got around to starting on mine yet! been so busy lately, oh for a nice quiet weekend!! thank you for sharing yours, i love how you've done it.

Sandy Ang said...

I'm just loving your retro journal ! It's beautifully done.