Friday, October 29, 2010

ATC: 12 Days of Christmas and Patti's Fab Kit

"Baby it's cold...INSIDE!"  I broke down last night and turned the heat on in my house.  Well, at least I thought I was turning it on.  I awoke this morning and could almost see my breath!  Little did I know that my husband (Mr. Thrifty) had turned off the gas months ago!  So, I've been freezing while working on my 12 Days of Christmas ATCs . I actually had them completed, but I ruined them all when I sprayed some sealer on them.  I had no idea that this would smear my beautiful first attempt at proper stamping!  The cards would actually be pretty cool for a Halloween or scary swap, but for Christmas, no.  So, I've had to start all over!  Here are three of my - work in progress - cards: 

When Wendy told me that I would be responsible for the "First Day" or "A Patridge in a Pear Tree," I figured it would be easy to come up with an idea.  I was dead wrong.  I actually wish I would have had some sort of kit to help me come up with some Patti's kit.  Check out the kit she has put together for creating ATCs on her blog, Treasure Barn.  She is also having a giveaway for one of them.  Hey Patti, do you have a Christmas kit?

Treasure Barn ATC Kit
I'm off to finish my ATCs.  Have a great weekend!

Toodles for now!



Createology said...

Hello. I do hope you have some warmth now. I too was too cold in my studio and got a chill. So no creating for me as I got into my nice warm heated blanket bed for a quick rest. It is just too hard to be creative when the fingers are frozen. :o)
Thanks for your visit.
Happy Halloweekend...

Heather said...

I have had the heat on for several weeks now as I get very cold easy and so did my mom.

BLISS angels said...

im sorry you have to start over. They look okay to me I do understand I start mine three times. okay confesstion time I thought five gold ring hey great easy peasey....well it wasn'tbe they all all going to look great when we see all together.... I'm posted mine later today so go look....Hugs Wendy... and I haven't put the heat on yet but I'm thinking about it my feet are frozen... it's hard to type when you have to wear gloves

bad penny said...

The person doing the partridge in a pear tree for my matchbox swap has done a humerous take on the theme but I won't spoil the suprise yet ! Love yours.