Friday, October 1, 2010

Post Winner and A Few More Suprises

TGIF!  I hope you all have had a super Friday!  I have a few more things that may make your Friday night even superer (yeah, I just made up that word)!  What is in store you ask?  Well, how about announcing the winner of my 100th Post Giveaway!  Stand by for that, as well as a couple more suprising (maybe) facts about me.  Before getting to this, first let me thank you all again for tagging along with me through these 100 posts and beyond.  Thanks for all your comments and emails.  I've had a really great time reading them and learning more about you, too!  I So, let's get on with it then right?! 

1.  Questionable Taste?  I think Kid Rock is sexy..true, in a trailer trash sort of way, but sexy nontheless.  He is sort of like Sawyer from LOST.  He's the guy you'd like to mess about with, but you'd marry Jack.  Although, I guess, he turned out to have issues, too.  Maybe not a good analogy.  Anyway, there you go.

Kid Rock

Look Up (hello Sawyer grrr)

2.  Addictions.  I'm addicted to lip gloss.  There.  I said it.

3.  Children.  I have a daughter who will turn 22 next month.  I know what you are thinking..."wow, you look so young, Angela!"  Thanks.  People are always suprised when I tell them my daughter is a senior in college.  By the way, I have another daughter who started kindergarten this year.  Yeah, I may be crazy.  I'm proud of them both.  I also have two stepdaughters.  Proud of them, too.

4.  Fashion:  I cannot walk in high heels.  When I do, I look like a man in drag.  I don't think I need to say anything else here.

5.  Professions:  I see dead people.  Literally.  I'm sure when you find out my occupation, a lot of things you may have wondered about me, will make sense.  I am a homicide detective.  This profession is not unlike a lot of things personally about me.  By that I mean, double edged. I mean I am grateful for my job and it has given me a lot of good things, but it has also done a lot to make me...well,  me.   One word that probably best describes me is:  "Antithetical."  I guess I am an oxymoron.  My oldest daughter frequently laughs at me (no, not with me) and tells me she thinks it is funny that I am a Bad As* (her words) who chases bad guys but then interrogates them while wearing a pink cardigan and pearl earrings.  When I met my sister in law, she also laughed and told me she thinks of me as "Martha Stewart with a gun."  I'm actually okay with this.  And as for Alex, she thinks I am cool.  For your kid to think you are cool...there really isn't anything cooler.

I've decided that blogging anonymously, as I have for the past 101 posts really isn't fair.  It's also not that easy.  While I won't tell you where I work, or my last name, I feel revealing what I have in the last few posts is, in the words of Martha,  "a good thing." 

Okay, enough of the mush!  The winner of the giveaway is: 

Sheila from NotesongsYay!!  Congratulations Sheila! 


agypsyangel said...

Well a secret, I have a slight crush on Kid Rock for years!
I want to buy lots and lots of botox (so if you find some at sams near you--email me :) I thinks cool thats your job...I watch alot of CSI.
Thanks for coming by my blog and such nice comments.
PS sad I didnt win giveaway :(

agypsyangel said...

I have a 22 yr old son and 12 yr old son :)

Alex said...

I was even surprised to read you have a daughter who'll be 22 next month!

Your blog looks great. Keep it up. :)

Cortney Lyon said...

Congratulations to the winner!

I like that you are taking your blog a little more personal. I can't belive that you are a homiside detective- if you had done a multiple choice question with possible occupations you may hold I would not have guessed homiside detective! But now that you have shared that, I can't think of what position I had imagined you having. I also can't belive that I've never asked.

P.S.-I loved LOST and any reference to it makes me giddy. And now that you pointed it out Kid Rock does resemble Sawyer. Awe, I miss that show. I'm getting the box set for Christmas-my husband is making me wait that long, can you believe it?

Happy 102nd post and congrat's to the winner again!

Anonymous said...

Homicide Investigator? WOW. That is so cool. Well, not for the victims, but the job. Never could get into "Lost" I was totally lost every time I tried to catch it. Congrats to your winner! Keep on bloggin'.

RubyMarilyn said...

Those are all very interesting things! Can't say I get the Kid Rock thing...

Heather said...

what a cool job! Keep up the great work you detective types do! You are sooooo important to our world! Also, love your blog!

Scrapping With Sherry said...

I have had such a great time reading the last few posts! (Been sick) I feel like I got to meet you just in time to... Well, meet you. Pictures are great and like your child, I think your pretty cool too.

So glad we met~ Sherry

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Angela,
Love this post--you are awesome!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

I just came over to see your dress, but I didn't know it wasn't posted yet...When you've got it up, come leave me a message so I don't miss it!!
Can't wait to see it!

Linda said...

Congrats to Sheila and wow...a real homecide some strange reason all the crime shows are my favorite...You rock!

Blissfull ATC swap said...

iMorning Angela, okay first off love the pages you give me an idea to do one too .. so thanks of that two funny I now have a picture of you running down a bad guy with a pink sweater and pearls... and I don't care what you say it is stuck here...(Pointing to my head)but it makes me smile...and see coming out of the cupboard about what your job is a (good thing) Ha HA I made a funny... but really Angela you will have to explain the Kid rock thing I don't get it... Hugs Wendy