Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Wonderisms..How Do You Do That?

Happy blustery Wednesday.  I meant to post my Wonderisms earlier, but I've been stuck at work and I have yet to figure out how to "auto" post.  I mean, I know that if I write my post and save it as a draft, I can actually auto post it at whatever time I choose...right?  Anyone that can help a sister out...give me a shout!  Okay, let's get to it.  Today I am wondering:

1.  How did I survive my childhood?  I mean, really.  When you think back to your childhood and teen years, do you wonder how you rode in your mom's car, and survived, without wearing a seatbelt?  Now, you wouldn't drive or ride one block without it on would you?  You wouldn't go a block without your cell phone either, right?  How did we survive without cell phones?

When I think back to the things I did and experienced as a child, teen, and young adult, I wonder how on earth I survived.  I also wonder how my mom never went crazy with worry. 

2.  Let me preface my second wonderism with this:  I will not use my blog as any sort of political platform.  That said, I am not inclined to believe in climate change or global warming..or whatever the current verbiage is.  But, the truth is, inconvenient or otherwise,  the weather is just COLD...and weird the last few days!  I don't really think this means anything, but I wonder why there are tornadoes in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, while it is snowing in Minnesota and where I am it is just plain cold and windy!  I guess the real question..or wonder is...why don't I live in the land of perfect weather..otherwise known as San Diego?

Thanks to those participating in Wednesday Wonderisms!  It's fun isn't it?

Finally, here is a picture of my new / old desk.  Finally, it is out of my car and in my garage and there are no camping supplies in site!  Now, I just need to decide if I should paint or stain it.  Any suggestions?

Thanks to everyone who "came" to my first tea party.  I've "met" a lot of neat new blogger friends.  So, thanks to Anna for hosting.  I'll tell you, those ladies sure know how to do Halloween!

Toodles for now!



Sherry said...

Hi Angela,

There are so many things we're told we shouldn't do today whereas in the past they were the norm! It's all a bit crazy really!

I love your 'new' desk - I think I would paint rather than stain. Love to see it again when you've finished the revamp!

Anonymous said...

I bet you can paint that desk in some pretty neat colors. Really get creative. i have even seen where wallpaper was used to embellish the drawer fronts only.
What I find amazing about surviving childhood is seeing the toys our grandparents and parents played with! Jeez rusty metal, sharp,small edible pieces. No recalls back then.

Cortney Lyon said...

Ah,yes..the wonderful weather of San Diego. They get perfect weather, and the only price they have to pay are occasional earthquakes. LOL!

theodora said...

Hi Angela I would also love to live in southern ca. I used to live there and it was heaven,and your woderisms are logical and normal don't worry,as for the desk I love it and I would love to see it painted a biege color then roughed up and varnish on top ,but it's your's and enything you do with it would be beautiful oh! and I would put on the top a piece of glass and that way you can have photos underneath.thoedora

antmee said...

I don't believe in climate change either! Weather patterns have changed and changed back for millions of years! I do believe in taking care of the planet still. Eg not wasting our resources and plundering the forests etc.

I am in a furniture painting mood! So I would vote for painting your desk. What Dina said sounds really cool!