Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Rewind Projects & A Few Flashback Photos

Hang on to your suede fringed vests and grab your Aqua are three groovy Rewind Projects from three happening ladies!  First up is Penny from Palaver From Pellie and Ghengis Khat.  Right on Penny.

Hello Everyone,

I was busy this week doing some old time crafting for the Sew Loquacious Blog Party:

Rewind Week 1970's.

After I joined I kind of panicked - as I racked my brain trying to figure out what to make.
While out antiquing -I found the answer to my prayers. A Christmas Craft book, published in the early seventies. I was sure to find something there. I wanted to try something I had never done before - and since I never was any good at tying knots - I knew macramé was out. I came across an ornament - that was done with needle weaving. - and it looked like it was achievable. So I gathered my supplies and got to work.

I have to say that trying to weave these small bands inside the hoops was a bit difficult for my poor old arthritic hand - but I kept at it. And I am kind of thrilled with the way it turned out,
Like I said it was suppose to be an ornament - but as I did my weaving - I kept seeing a witch ball.

Maybe - it’s because I was watching “Practical Magic” as I worked on it . So that is what I proceeded to make it into.
A bit more frou-frou's than would have been added in the seventies - but I like it.
What do you think?

Angela, also asked that as part of our post we give our impressions of the 70's.
To me the seventies arrived with no more fan fare than any other era. I was in my twenties and looking forward to making my mark on the world, but it never happened.

I didn't realize it till I sat down to write this piece that my memories of the seventies are marked with personal sadness and some tender feelings that still cause anxiety and hurt today. -I got married in 71 had my son in 73 and was divorced by 74. Worked hard the rest of the seventies as a single mother supporting a child. Had little time for television or clubbing to disco's or any of the fun things that made the seventies the seventies. so suffice to say the seventies passed in a blur of obligations and I wasn't to sad to see them go.
Enough said about that.
Thanks Penny, it is really beautiful!
Next up is Dianna, from Crafty SAHM, Again.  She made this gorgeous, award winning, blanket back in the day. 

When I saw the post about a 70's rewind I was so very interested. Born in 1962 my teenage years were the 70's. It was about the time the post came out that I was going through some boxes that we stored at my house when we moved my mom from her home of thirty years in another state to a small apartment here in the town I live in. She absolutely kept everything. Think that is what got me started on this whole vintage thing in the first place. All the photos of my family members (aunts, grandparents, and such) all taken over the last 80 years or so. I just love looking at the photos of the of the women in there dresses. Especially the special occasion dresses.
At any rate, back to the topic, I was thinking about a project that I may have from the 70's. About 1976 I decided that I would place enteries in every catagory of the local county fair. This fair is a huge social event for my home town. At any rate, I placed enteries in sewing, needle arts, baking, photography, vegetables and such along with my lambs. I ended up with 32 blue ribbons, 3 red and 1 white as well as best of show in garment construction, crochet, photography, baked goods and preserved goods. My best of show in crochet was a granny square throw. Most everyone entered their traditional granny square with the black trim. I had one two, but then I decided to do a little something different and since I had found this new ombre yarn, which I still love today, I made the square with light and dark ombre. That is what one the best of show. When we moved Mom, she still had it so now it is proudly (even though my kids think it is lame) at my home.
I attached a photo of the throw, and yes that chair is from the 70's as well. It was my dad's and now sits in my sewing room. That is my story of the 70's Rewind.

List Mom -

Thanks Dianna!  Terrific grannie squares by a "new" Grandma!"
Next is my friend, Cyndi from Bluebirdswing.  Cyndi makes gorgeous purses, but is also a terrific blogger, lady, and friend.  Thanks for everything, Cyndi.

Hi there! I'm Cyndi from Bluebirdswing. I was happy that Angela wanted to begin her "Rewind Journey" with the 1970s. Personally, I loved that era. I was a teenager during that time and had some of the best times of my life during high school. There were some bad times, too, but mostly they were good and I have really fond memories.

Easter 1973 - getting ready to go to church. That's me on the left with the long hair and, er...rather short white dress! Dig my white shoes! My mom is next to me (love her hair style!; then my sister, brother, and grandmother. Don't you just love that orange bubble-globed floor lamp!

One of the things I loved the most about the '70s was the music. Some of my all-time favorites are The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, America, The Guess Who, ELO, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Credence Clearwater Revival, The Band, Three Dog Night, etc. There were so many, and I still love that music today!

I was a little bit of a Bohemian (still am) and I liked to dress a little funky. And of course any of you who follow my blog know I love BAGS! Well, do any of you remember these:


I always wanted one of these, but money was tight back then and I knew we couldn't afford one so I never asked for one. But I was so envious of a lot of the girls in my high school that had them. I wanted one so badly!

Never did get one, so I thought for Angela's project I would try to re-create the look of these bags from fabric. This is my interpretation of the saddle-bag style. With the exception of the black fabric, the paisley is 100% authentic 1970s fabric. When I told my friend Dee about this project, she told me she had a huge box of fabrics from her mother-in-law and she gave me two pieces. They still had the tags on them! This was the piece I liked best and decided to use for my bag. And while I no longer want one of those tooled-leather saddle bags, it was fun creating this one and I think I'll enjoy using it.

Thanks for hosting this fun trip down memory lane, Angela! I really enjoyed it. But excuse me now as I think I'll go put on some Bee Gees and boogie down! :o)

Thanks Cyndi!  Your bag is gorgeous (as always) and you are beautiful!
Now, here are some photos to jog some memories until tomorrow.  I will be posting my Rewind Project then...and I am pretty sure I am about to start a new trend for the 2010s.  (Can you say 2010s?)

The Gong Show

$20,000 Pyramid

The Dolly Parton Show

Hollywood Squares
The Lawrence Welk Show

Thank ya boys...
Remember, I will also be drawing for the Rewind "Winner" tomorrow!

Toodles for now.



Anonymous said...

Even thought I was a kid in the 70's it is fun to look at all the rewind items. Brings buck memories!

agypsyangel said...

I am loving the rewind. The ornament is neat. I keep thinking about macrame during your post.
Well I understand your seventies, that was my late eighties... Graduated high school 1986, married fall 1986, baby summer 1988, divorced 1989......
OH me what a long comment.
Smiles and thanks for visiting me.
Have a good evening.
Kim :)

Cyndi said...

Penny and Dianna's projects were great...I never could macrame either, but Penny's needlework is really cool. And I love Dianna's afghan...those really were great '70s colors! I think our kitchen was done in those colors, with a little avocado green thrown in! :o)



P.S. Thanks for all the sweet compliments, Angela! You're THE BEST!

Shelia said...

Again, great projects and the reflections bring back so many memories for me!!
Be a sweetie and I'm going to post my Rewind Project now!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sammy said...

How did you come out with such an idea!!! For the past year I am searching the internet, looking for sites about the seventies, and oh my! I found it :-0
I love your blog.. it took me back . Wonderful feeling.

Thank you, and lots of love,

PS, I had to become a follower, your blog my dear, is a breath of fresh air :-)

Sammy said...

I invite you to visit my blog, and to meet Marie. I hope you like it as much as I adore your blog.
Really, adore, adore, adore!!


-Samya :-)