Friday, August 13, 2010

TGIF MAN! And The Winner Is...

Happy Friday!  I am glad it is Friday, but sadly, that means that the Rewind is over.  Boo hiss.  But, I think it has been a great success and I am so thankful for all who participated and those who tuned in to check it out!  Friday also means that I have randomly picked the winner of the ridiculously expensive prizes!  Yes, technology was thrown out the window and I stuck my hand in a bowl filled with the participants' names and poof....the winner is....drum roll...DIANNA!  Congrats!  Let's have a look what she has won....

1970 Better Homes & Garden Hardback

Whooo!  Totally 70s Man!
Is that far out or what?!  The sewing book is actually really cool.  There are pockets in the back and a few "scrapbook" like pages where the original owner wrote her own notes and glued fashion clippings.  And the owl, well, how is that not quintessentially 1970s?  It is macrame man!  Dianna:  please email your address and I will send these (and maybe a few extras) to you!

Since announcing this 1970s Rewind, I have periodically posted photos of myself, my family, as well as 1970s "stuff" that are significant to me.  So, today I am posting a few more "me" pictures.  The first picture is of my mother, my sister, and me at Christmas circa 1977 maybe.  We are wearing the skirts my mom made for us...another Holly Hobbie type outfit.  I remember them being really thick, like they were padded.

Yes, that's me with the Mr. Spock haircut.  Again, thanks Sissy...she looks like Mary here from Little House on the Prairie (when Mary was going blind..remember?). 
One more picture of me as a kid.  Here I am...not happy.  Obviously this photo was taken before my sister decided to play Beauty Shop Barbie on me.
In the next several years, my facial expressions hardly changed.  My mother used to warn me that "a bird was going to come along and sit on your bottom lip...and poop!"  I just hated having my photo taken!  I guess I still do!
Well, for my Rewind Project, I used this vintage sewing pattern.  Actually, finding this pattern is really what inspired this event.  This Simplicity pattern is from 1971.  It was intact and surprisingly easy to follow.  I made bag 2 as well as matching SPATS!  Yes, spats!  They turned out so cool!  I'm convinced the Brady girls wore spats instead of matching boots all the time.  Think about it,  spats to match all your skirts and you wouldn't have to wear boots!  The spats just go over your shoes and make them look like boots!  Is that cool or what?!  What do you think?


Marcia Marcia Marcia!

I was a child in the 1970s.  My recollections are obviously different from those who were teens or even adults back then.  My childhood was filled with watching television, movies, playing outside in the country with my friends and relatives, riding bikes, go carts, and swimming at our town pool....even though I was convinced Jaws lived in the drain.  I also remember my mom working so hard.  She had to.  She raised my sister and me alone.  My father died just one month shy of my second birthday.  He was thirty-one years old.  It was 1972.   This post is dedicated to my parents...they were both superheroes.


Thanks again to all!  This has been a fun project.  I really hope you all join in on the next Rewind Projects!  I'm not sure when, but I'm sure we will be rewinding to the 1940s!  Doesn't that sound fun!!

Toodles for now.


Jill McDowell said...

Hi Angela,

Thanks for dropping by Bittersweet Cottage Design.
Are you a vendor at VM?
If so have we met?
Have a great weekend.

Jill McDowell, Bittersweet's

Anonymous said...

LOL, thanks for sharing those pictures. I used to look the same way except I think the style I was going for was the Dorothy Hamill, and once again the stylist missed the mark. And I learned something new, I never heard of SPATS until today. Have a fun weekend.

Sammy said...

Thank you so much for visiting, and commenting about my blog. Actually, I am from London; However I was brought up in Alexandria-Egypt. I married 25 years ago, lived half that time in England and the other half in America. Between America, and England, I lived in Nairobi -Kenya For around two years.
This is my life story in a few words!!!!
So Angela, my understanding is, you do not want to participate in PIF , but you want to post it in your blog, Is this correct? Please let me know-because I get confused very easily ;-0



Ady said...

I've never heard of spats too - thanks for educating me. Love the photos and that one of young you in red with the bottom lip sticking out made me smile. Too cute!

Heather said...

How cool!! I hope that soon our house in order so I can get back to the important things, like crafts and sewing!!!!! Love the pictures!!!

Cyndi said...

First, congratulations to Dianna! I'm sure she's going to love that book, and the owl...well Whooo wouldn't? LOL!!!

Your project is tooooo cool, Angela! OMGosh! I love your spats, and the matching bag. And I bet you are right...that's exactly what Marcia and Jan (maybe not Cindy!) wore instead of boots! Too funny!

Thanks so much for sharing your story about your dad. I didn't realize he was a Police Officer...but you know how I feel! I'm so sorry that you lost him at such a young age!

This was a really fun project and a great week of cool and creative things. Thanks for all the work you did putting it together and I'll be looking forward to the next one!



Patti said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Yes Pellie did a great job on the "Orange" swap. Maybe we will be swap partners one day.

Your blog is so cute and that photo of you with the pout on your face is adorable and my Mom used to tell me the same thing about the bird pooping on my lip :)

I will be having a swap on my blog soon so keep an eye out for it. I would love for you to join in.

Have a great weekend :)

BelleSouth said...

Thanks again for doing this and for your sweet post!

Shelia said...

Hi Angela! Oh, my mother used to make those macrame owls and sold them! They were so hot!! :)
Be a sweetie,

Fabric Art said...

Angela thanks for a wonderful Rewind challenge I really enjoyed thinking back in time, and see the wonderful work of others.