Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My New Bag!

Hello crafters!  It seems like forever since my last post!  I have been sooo busy I've hardly had time to change my clothes!  And you wouldn't believe the state of my house, let alone my hair!  Anyway, on a postive note, I am one kid closer to another "project" room!  In other words, another kid gone away to college this weekend means I am down to two kids away from expanding my studio!  Of course now my hubby has plans for that particular bedroom!  We'll just see who wins out in the end!  Two more years and that room is mine!  In the words of Gordon Gekko, "Greed is good." (just kidding).

In between family goings on and work, I haven't gotten to my sewing projects!  However, I do see some light at the end of the tunnel...at least until soccer starts...and I will get in my studio and finish my in - progress works at least!  In the meantime, I received a purse in the post from JRae Designs!  To celebrate the opening of her Etsy store, Jill held a drawing for one of her handmade bags and I won!

JRae Designs

JRae Designs
Pretty awesome huh?  I love the YoYos!  I sew want to make those!  I also love the fabric combination!

Toodles for now!  I'm going to try to sneak in some surfing before bed...if I can keep my eyes open!

P.S. Can you identify Gordon Gekko?  A hint:  A 'like totally like rad' reference to the 1980s...


Cyndi said...

That bag is so cool! Enjoy!

Oh, and Michael Douglas in "Wall Street" = Gordon Gekko!



theodora said...

you are so lucky, it is so pretty, and I think you deserve the room!!!

Bonnie said...

Hi Angela
THanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours, it's like a homely comfy little crafty place on the internet!! :) ATC's are such fun, I have been doing them for years. I gave a class on them earlier this year,you pay a small fee to gain access to a private blog which takes you step by step through different techniques to use on ATC, like decopage, painting, stamping etc. Look forward to many more visits from you!

Ady said...

Congratulations on the win, Angela. Lovely bag! I have at least 10 years to go before I can start 'reclaiming' space in my house!

BLISS angels said...

Love the bag lucky girl you and i say fight for the room... just remind said hubby that crafting wife is happy wife... and if that doesn't work I find chocolate chip cookies works too!!! hugs Wendy

agypsyangel said...

VERY Nice bag. I love yo yos too. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Awesome bag! I love the yo-yos, too.

Thanks for your comment about The Hepburn Hepburn Project. When you join, you will be making your own Katharine / Audrey inspired items, whether that is clothing or other designs is completely up to you. You go along at your own pace, too.

I hope you do decide to join. :) If you do, please join the project flickr group, as well. Lots of chats and sharing photos.

Sarah :)

Sammy said...

Hi Angela,
The bag is so beautiful, and I am glad you like it.
The thing is , in our house kids go to college, and come back to their untouched, and well kept room.
What a girl can do, when she is out numbered; but to sit and wait ( like a hungry cat!) I0I


-Samya :-)

Heather said...

I love the bag!!!!!!!! We need a crafting room in our house too!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

What a great bag..I love the fabric combos too !
You go claim that room girl ...LOL

Shelia said...

Hi Angela! Oh, congratulations on your win! The bag is so cute! I love the yo yos too!
I hope you win on the craft room! You've got my vote! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

BelleSouth said...

Lovely lovely!! Have fun with it!