Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's Get Down! (and then back up again) It's the 70s Baby!!

Welcome to the Funkadelic 1970s!

Our first crafter of the week is Wendy, From Bliss Angels  as well as Blissfull ATC Swap!  Wendy is an accomplished artist and I am thrilled that she participated in this first Sew Loquacious event!  I am also grateful for her friendship and introducing me to another artform...ATC.  Thanks Wendy!

When I saw Angela's post about rewind week  I thought "oh heck I hated the 70s".  I was seven in 1970 and in 1979 I was 16 years old.... I remember some parts of the 70s as wonderful but others were terrible.

I am a person who remembers events in the clothes I wore, some people it is smells or songs but me it is clothes and wow did I remember some terrible clothes in the 70s.

Pippa Dee party were all the rage and I remember my mum buying a outfit from them; it had blue and white flowers in a valor fabric and had shiny pants to wear with it.... what I didn't like was that you could wear it to sleep in.... I remember going to school and some boy asking me if I had forgotten to get dress... that was the last time I wore it... I hid it under my bed and there it stayed until I out grew it.

I also remember the 1st pair of heels, well tree stumps would be a better description. They were platforms with a wedge heel . They were solid wood, so very  heavy and very tall. The first time I wore them out was to walk down the village. I  twisted my ankle and had the limp home. Of course I had to listen my mum's "I told you so." so I bet your wondering what were the good parts of the 70s? well I was young, the music to the most part was pretty good Michele Jackson, Donny Osmond  and David  Cassidy  to name a few BUT I was in love with the BAY CITY ROLLERS... I was going to marry Woody.

So in light of my love of 70's clothes my rewind project is this .... A depiction of 70's clothes at they best. The writing at the back of my figure in the words to my next favorite song Jimmy Osmonds "long haired lover from liverpool" Hugs Wendy at

Thanks again Wendy! 

Stay tuned for more Project Posts and pictures!



Shelia said...

Hi Angela! Oh, Wendy's little project is adorable! She is a very talented gal! I'll go and see her!
Thanks for being the hippest coolest hostess! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cyndi said...

Wendy's project is so cute! Wow, she's talented...and creative! And I'm still laughing about her marrying "Woody"! I wonder how many girls were planning on marrying that guy! LOL!!!