Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sewn On: My Orange Themed ATC

Anna received the ATC I made and she posted it today on her blog, Frosted Petunias!  I am fairly pleased with how it turned out, but I am still afraid it is a bit amaturish compared to all the other Swappers' cards.  I'm having a great time doing the cards, however, and I can only do better with practice right? 

Speaking of ATCs, I want to mention that the girls at Blissfull ATC Swap are having a contest!  Those who want to play, have to create some sort of holder, carrier, for ATCs.  I've signed up because I am now addicted to this new medium.  Go and check it out!  To all those "sewers" out's okay.  You can do ATCs, too!  I sewed the fabric to cardstock as well as "free embroidered" the outlines of the flower on my "Orange" ATC.  The coolest thing about this card is the flower stem.  If you can see, I used green thread in the top while the bobbin was loaded with black thread.  The result is sort of a "striped" stem.  I will definately be experimenting with this "free embroidery" technique again soon!

I've got several sewing projects in the works at the moment, including a few back to school goodies.  There are big things happening this week in my house:
  • Diva daughter (AKA Charlotte) starts kindergarten!!!  Oh, and she has another loose tooth!  The Tooth Fairy may end up taking a second mortgage out!
  • Stepdaughter #1 (AKA Sam) starts university!  We will be dropping her off at the weekend!
  • Big Daughter (AKA Alex) starts her senior year at university!  (And she is the Editor-In-Chief of the university newspaper!!  Yeah, she's kind of a big deal!)
  • Stepdaugher #2 (AKA Jac) starts back to high school!  Yeah!  Sorry, no milestones this year, but she's one year closer to graduation!!  
  • Husband #1 (well, really #..) starts college!  He's taking a Photoshop class!  Hopefully he will be passing all PS things learned down to me!!
Well, that's it for now.  I should be good and tired by the weekend!  Toodles for now!

P.S.  In case you are curious, the poem I have printed onto the ATC is called, What Is Pink?  It is by Christina Rossetti.  Here is the entire poem:

What is pink? a rose is pink

By the fountain’s brink.

What is red? a poppy’s red

In its barley bed.

What is blue? the sky is blue

Where the clouds float thro’.

What is white? a swan is white

Sailing in the light.

What is yellow? pears are yellow,

Rich and ripe and mellow.

What is green? the grass is green,

With small flowers between.

What is violet? clouds are violet

In the summer twilight.

What is orange? why, an orange,

Just an orange!


theodora said...

Hi angela I love your orange flower it looks like a piece of art , er it is art !! I also love the poem it is so pleasant it reminds of the beauty of this wonderful planet we live on ,stop by and see me when you have time.I loved the rewind week I love seeing the 70' themes it's nice to be reminded of the simpler innocent life we lived .

Anonymous said...

The poem and the ATC are awesome. You are a busy mamma. Good luck to your daughters. And yes, tooth fairy can suffer greatly in this economy. My son lost three in a month.

Sharon said...

Angela your orange flower ATC is dramatic and fantastic!

Cyndi said...

Hi Angela! I think your Orange ATC turned out beautiful. I don't think it looks amateurish at all! And that poem is awesome.

Wow, you do have a busy week. Hope you get some good rest this weekend, and some sewing, of course!




Beautiful ATC and a beautiful poem to go with it ... er... on
Inka :)

BelleSouth said...

I love your ATC- great job!!!

Polly said...

The card is absolutely beautiful!! I love the poem as much as the card it is on. You sis such a great job creating it and I only wish I could do half as well. I have made just a couple and I really like making them. It is such fun!

Polly said...

Good grief!! I can't even type ...can't tell an s from a d!!!