Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vintage Sewing and Quilts!

Good evening.  Or is it good morning?  I've been super busy on stuff other than on stuff I want to be doing!  Before getting distracted by work stuff, I managed to complete my Flea Market Friday excursion!  On this trip, I went to an antique mall instead of a thrift or junk store.  This mall was made up of several individual "booths."  Most booths seemed to specialize in certain wares.  For example, one vender had numerous vintage hats and related items displayed for sale.  Next to this particular booth, I found several old dresses, shoes,  and women's undergarmets, including pantyhose.  I can't get over how small these clothes and shoes are.  Even the vintage gloves are tiny.  Why do you think women (and men) seem to be bigger nowadays?  Could we be bigger because we eat food that have been "enhanced" by steriods and other chemicals to make the chicken or cow bigger?  Just something to think about. 

Another booth at the mall specialized in vintage sewing related items, including the awesome iron pictured above.  Attached to this iron was a Coleman heat can.  I'm not sure how old this item was, but it was heavy.  I found a couple of old sewing baskets in this booth and even a body form.  I ended up finding a 1942 Vogue Book of Dressmaking.  It evens comes with a free pattern for a dickey!  Do people still wear those?  I bought the book and can't wait until I have some time to really look through it.

I could have spent the entire afternoon at this mall and I am not sure that I still would have seen every item.  I found many of the booths displayed some sort of fabric, whether hankies, dishtowels, napkins, or quilts.  Tons of quilts!  I took photos of several different quilt styles:

I hope everyone has a great and safe Memorial Day!  

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