Monday, February 15, 2010

iPod Case for ME

So, I decided to make myself something. This is rare. When I look at fabrics I usually look at them and decide, "oh so and so would love a bag made from this," or "wouldn't this be cute on so and so?" So, I decided to make an iPod case for ME. It turned out okay, but I probably should not have quilted it. I haven't done much quilting, well, I have only quilted one thing, a bib, before. But anyway, I thought quilting would protect my iPod, so I quilted. I think the zipper turned out okay, too. This is always my issue...and I don't think I uttered any curse words with this zipper insertion. Success!

I think I will try this project again, but this time I will go for something a bit bigger...maybe the size of a Nook? hint hint....


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