Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nancy, I'm Sorry

I'm sorry Nancy. I have failed to create your adjustable straps. Last night I made the straps for my messenger bag and thought I would be able to finish them a la adding the adjustable thingies today. I was wrong! After watching (again) Nancy make the straps (thank God I recorded this episode), I realized that I should NOT have sewn the straps together. In order to add the fabric "adjustable tabs" the straps should only be cut and pressed. So, I can either rip out both straps and start over (insert expletives here), cut two new fabric strips, or use the straps I've already made by sewing them directly to the bag or to d-rings I'll have to install. I haven't decided what I'll do yet.

Instead of stressing over how to "fix" my bag tonight, I decided to add a few more faves to my Crafty Faves list. I've also added a link to pages showing some of my recent projects. I've only added photos of the projects. The Zakka inspired purse matches the coin purse I detailed in my second post. The pajamas were made out of flannel I bought at JoAnn's. I had a pattern for the nightgown, but I totally winged the bed jacket by using just the top portion of the robe pattern that was included with the nightgown. The kimonos were really fun to make. I hope to add Tutorial pages in the future.

Wish me luck with my straps tomorrow!


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