Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Name, New Address

Happy Valentine's Day!
As I stated in my first post, I am new to the blogoshere. I am learning about templates, layouts, fonts, inserting pictures, links, etc. I have also been surfing the web throughout the day and realized that Feefifofum is the title to several different blogs. Here I thought I had tapped into a unique blog name! Wrongo. So, I decided to change it. It was easy to think up the new name, Sew Loquacious, not so easy to spell, however. Anyway, I decided I wanted a blog name that actually refers to sewing, which of course, "sew" does. Loquacious, well, I have been described as this numerous speech and in my writings. You wouldn't say that right? So, (or sew) it makes sense. I was lucky enough to get the new address to match the name. Now, hopefully, everyone will be able to find me easier.

I think I am doing okay for day 3 of being a "blogger." What do you think?

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