Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can one wear too much fleece?

How much fleece is too much for one outfit? This is an age old question. Well, not really. My daughter questioned whether I might overdose on the amount of fleece I was sporting in one ensemble. Actually, I'm not a big fleece fan, but I wanted to show off my vest I had finally finished, so I wore it out when we went out shopping and then to dinner. Of course I was also wearing a fleece jacket, scarf, and mittens. Is this too much? I did not overdose, but I have concluded that fleece on fleece isn't a "good thing."

I started a new project tonight; a messenger bag. I'm using black duck canvas. I haven't gotten very far as I have been distracted by the Olympics and then American Idol. I have cut my pieces and completed the flap, which I appliqued (see photo). I plan on trying to make the strap adjustable by using a technique I saw on Sewing with Nancy. For the record, Nancy is one of my heroes. I hope to complete the bag tomorrow. Until then, goodnight.


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