Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Cutting Lady

The weekend is for relaxing and doing things you sew right? Well, I decided to go out and buy some swivel hooks to use on my next bag. Back story: I bought a grommet tool set a few weeks ago and I've been itching to use it. So how hard could it be to find swivel hooks? HARD! I've been to five stores in the past two days! I finally found them at Hobby Lobby. They had five in stock. Why an odd number? I bought four. Before I hit pay dirt (being facetious), I checked at a Joann's store I had never shopped at before. This store was huge and very busy. I asked the cutting lady where to find the Sewing With Nancy "stuff" (Nancy's Notions). I thought I might find the hooks in Nancy's Easy Sew Bags section. The cutting lady's response was, "I don't know who that it." "That doesn't sound familiar." Eeek. Can you believe that?! What fabric shop employee doesn't know Nancy? I might understand her response if she was a teenager, but this lady was older than me! I purchased the fabric and left in disgust.

Maybe I will start the next bag tonight...after I calm down.



Teresa's Quilt Stash said...

I hope that was not my Joann's. I think that everyone who touches fabric should know "Nancy". How RUDE was she.....

Angela said...

It wasn't your are right!