Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Little Tweaking...and a Birthday Giveaway!

Why is it that the weekends seem to go by so quickly?  Maybe this accounts for my lack of productivity?  Or maybe I've just enjoyed myself a lazy birthday weekend??  Yep, my husband and I have thrown our diets out the window in celebration of both our birthdays.  Friday night:  Hawaiian pizza plus two different dessert pizzas!  Saturday night:  supper out at Longhorn...including fried cheesecake for dessert!  Back on plan tomorrow (boo hiss).

I did get a bit of sewing done this weekend.  I'm still tweaking the wallet I made last weekend.  I've made two additional prototypes, but I'm not happy with either.  The main problem is making the pockets secure enough to hold onto cards snuggly.  I've experimented with interfacing and size.  For this last wallet, I've placed fairly stiff interfacing on the wrong side of the outer fabric as well as on the fabrics for the pockets.  I thought placing the interfacing on the wrong sides of the pockets as well as making the wallet smaller, overall, would do the trick.  It didn't.  When shaken, the cards will fall out.  I might try one or two more changes, but if they don't work, I'll scrap this shaped wallet altogether.  I do like the fabrics, however.  I used a snap this time and the button on the outside is purely decorative.  I may have placed the snap a little low.

I also came up with a new template for a little zip pouch.  I made the template out of card stock and then cut outside fabric and lining fabric using this as a guide.  I made a little "belt" in the center using a vintage buckle I found months ago during one of my Flea Market Fridays.  Like the snap, I may have put this little gem a bit low, but it's still cute. I will be tweaking this "pattern," too...but for now it works.

Signature for Blog
 I am not divulging my age (officially tomorrow's the day).   If you want to do some homework (by finding  a post where I've "confessed" my age), I'll send you a piece of birthday cake!  Well, not real cake, of course, but leave me a comment with the age I will be tomorrow and I'll send you something sweet!

Oh, the lilacs came out of my yard this morning.  Aren't they gorgeous?  The smell divine.  LOVE THEM!!

Have a great week!


Donnie said...

Can't find your age so I'll just wish you a wonderful Birthday.

Fursdon House said...

Happy Birthday Angela! I know your age - you're 29 and holding!! And we women are entitled to "hold" as long as we want, so there!

The lilacs are beautiful! And the lavender ones are my favorites. You should see the flowers Nigel bought a few days ago! I put all of them on my blog; they're so beautiful and hopefully things will grow better this year than they did last year. The summer sun killed a lot, despite the numerous waterings we gave them. Plus, Nigel got a late start and they didn't have a chance to "get established" before the heat moved in. Fortunately, we always get our shrubs and flowers at Home Depot because everything is "insured" for up to one year (with a receipt). So we get credit for those that died.

Again, Happy Birthday to you and hubby! Jan

Heather said...

I love lilacs! Over here in Michigan it is going to snow. I love the new wallets. I hope they work out for you.

Heather said...

oh, I almost forgot the most important message!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Asas à imaginação said...

Angela, dear friend, a happy birthday for you!!!
God bless you every day of your life!!!
Health and love!
Big hug!

Ah...I loved the lilacs, wath a beautiful colors!

Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

Happy birthday! It is my birthday next weekend so we can swap slices of birthday cake! :P

An idea for your wallet, instead of interfacing, maybe sew a layer of felt as that is more rough and might stop the card falling out?
And thanks for spending some of your birthday week testing my pattern!

Jeanie Callaghan said...

I would never reveal your age even if I knew it. Artists are ageless! Have a lovely day and eat a piece of cake for me.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you and your hubby!

I love lilacs...I can smell yours from here...well...I can imagine the smell!

Your projects are very cute...I have been making a few wallets for kids, but I want to figure a way to make a small one that will hold a few coins too. The coin purse is adorable...I love the bling on it!!

Rosemary said...

Happy belated birthday! Dear Lord, why have to share your age? While I do not fear mine, I don't share it either. LOL, I prefer to be mysterious and ageless. LMAO on that one!

Okay, I'm so glad you had such a fun birthday weekend. My husband's was on Saturday, so he is in excellent company.

About your wallets, okay, this may sound dumb. How about elastic on the inside pockets to help hold the cards in. I think the fabrics you've chosen are WONDERFUL and so happy.

Rosemary said...

BTW, I love the smell of fresh lilacs. You are so lucky to be enjoying them!

Cyndi said...

Hey there! Well, I do know how old you are, but I'm not sayin'! :o) And you don't look a day older, either!

My lilacs are just starting to open. I can't wait because they are right outside my front door and windows and when the wind blows that wonderful scent comes right into the house (when the windows are open, of course!). Heaven!



Theodora quilts said...

What a lovely wallet you have made I have never made one I remember cyndi ones had a real nce tutorial which is easy enough I think ... one of these days I have so many projects in the works,but right now I am packing to move upstairs plus we are working holiday hours at the shop these days so no sewing time boo hoo . I wish you a Happy Birthday you are as young as you feel, and you sure are young for someone that spends so much time on perfecting a wallet is very young indeed .xoxo theodora p.s. thanks for visiting me.

DeeDee said...

hey Angela... I love the lilacs picture....hope I get to see and small some...

also use that rubber shelf stuff in the insides of the pockets.. it can be washed and all... just a thought.. I use it on many things to hold things in place...

see ya soon....:D

Happy Birthday ..hope you both had a very enjoyable birthday..

I will be bringing you a little gift.... :D

Liza said...

Happy Belated Sweetie!
Hope you had a great time sans diet and playing in the sun! Thinking of you - take care

Ady said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a fab day. Our lilacs are in bloom right now too. They smell heavenly.