Monday, April 11, 2011

Girlie Girl Projects

Girlie Wallet
Girlie Wallet (inside)

What do you think?  I made up this quick wallet Sunday afternoon.  I got the idea to make a "side" folding wallet after once again messing up my measurements for a checkbook cover/tri-fold wallet.  Eyeballing is not measuring!  Anyway, I think it's pretty cute, but I'm not a big fan of the elastic closure.  I just think it looks a bit no one would know that is a recycled ponytail holder!  Call this a prototype then.  I shall make another wallet minus the about velcro?  Too little boyish?  Accepting suggestions!

Unfortunately, I didn't get much sewing done this weekend.  Besides the above wallet, I managed to make a sleep mask for my daughter.  I'm not sure why she wanted one, especially since she sleeps with the hall light on, but I promised her I'd make one, so I did.  

I found the directions for this mask at Wolf and Willow.  There was a PDF pattern available, which came in very handy.  I modified the pattern just a bit by drawing the closed eyes onto the fabric with a fabric marker instead of cutting out and sewing black cotton to the pink mask.  All and all it was a pretty quick and easy project!

Sadly, I didn't get a purse done for myself this weekend!  I'm struggling with finding a pattern I really like.  Again, I'm all ears for suggestions!  

Talk to you soon!
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Rosemary said...

Haven't you been busy!?! I like the wallet very much. Okay, if you were going to get rid of the elastic, I could see velcro with a self fabric piece and a lovely button. I like the fabric you chose. The sleep mask is adorable.

By the way, Opus Gluei took a week off for spring break and we're encouraging people to enter from past challenges. We recently had one for fabric, I'm just sayin'..... LOL

Heather said...

love the wallet and the mask! Maybe next week you will be able to make your purse!

Cyndi said...

Hey Angela! I adore your little wallet...I like the slimness and size of it. I think a little tab with velcro or just a regular snap would be a nice closure for it - and you could put a cute button the the front of the tab for decoration.

That sleep mask is pretty darn cute, too! Great job.

I have a lot of freebie purse patterns in my bookmarks. If you have an idea of the style you're looking for, I could look through my list to see if anything fits your criteria. Just let me know (plus I have lots of purchased patterns, too, and you know you're always welcome to them!)



Incipient Wings said...

that wallet is too cute!

DeeDee said...

cute cute stuff... you inspire me to want to sew.... :D see ya soon.

Donnie said...

I thought it looked fine with the elastic closure and I like a flat button like that so it won't bulge in your pocket. That little mask is cute.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, how totally adorable!!! Angela, your creations are beautiful and I hope you're having a good weekend!!