Thursday, April 21, 2011

Angels, Punks, Strawberries, and Friends.

First, thanks for all the birthday well wishes!  Second, I can't believe I didn't have any takers for answering my age question!  I am not sure what to think about that...should I feel really old?  Is it taboo for women of a certain age (like me now) to talk about their age?  Years ago I remember hearing some Oprah guest talk about how she felt her 40's were her "best years."  Somehow she felt wiser, confident, and knew who and what she wanted out of her life.  Really?  I can say, now that I am, according to my daughter, officially over 40, I really don't feel any wiser or more "secure in skin."  Granted, I have only been part of the mature scene for four days.  Maybe I should give it a few more days..maybe two weeks?  In the meantime, have a look at this awesome gift I got today:

I got to meet, in person, blogger friend, Dee Dee today!  Dee Dee does all sorts of crafts and she made this angel for me out of metal and glass!  It's wonderful and I'm so happy that I got to meet her in person!  We've both participated in the mug mat swap and are regulars in the Blissful ATC Swap.  Here is a picture of us at lunch today:

Me                                               Dee Dee

Speaking of the Blissful ATC Swap, I received this card from my swap partner, Marlene.  April's theme is "Steam Punk."  Marlene's card is fabulous.  I love it.  Thanks Marlene!

Here is the Steam Punk card I sent to Marlene:

This was my first time doing anything Steam Punk.  The image is from the The Graphics Fairy.  I transferred the image to a piece of card stock using the gel medium/clear mailing label method.  I then adhered this piece to the background piece which I had painted using a stencil a la sequin rubbish.  Never did that before.  I really like how it turned out.  I hope Marlene likes it!  

I've also been working on testing a pattern for Stephanie from Toastie Studio.  Stephanie has designed a pattern for a shopping tote that folds (or scrunches) up and then is stuffed inside a strawberry.  Her design is really cool and I just love how my strawberry turned out.

Pretty smart, huh?  Better run...Chat with you soon!
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Donnie said...

Glad you had a great birthday and your pictures don't show you That was so cool meeting with DeeDee. I have met up with some other bloggers and it is so wonderful that you feel like you have known them forever. Stephanie's tote is so cute too. So much talent out there.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday :) I turned 30 last November and I think that the year leading up to that day was worse than the day itself. I do feel wiser. It felt strange to leave my 20s behind, stranger than my teen years, but I'm over it. I wonder what 40 will be like...probably like all the rest, right?

Liza said...

I like your steam punk card... is that a picture of the whole thing? i can't tell if it's cropped! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog for April Dress-up... you might want to peek in again, i just uploaded seven new dresses...!
Take care, and yes, the 40's are the best so far!!

Heather said...

I am so glad you had a good birthday!!!!! You don't look like you are over 40! Remember 40 is the new 30 or so I was told when I turned 40 3 years ago. I don't feel very old in spirit, just physically feel 90 some days. I love the strawberry. That is so clever and cute!

Blissfull ATC swap said...

Angela I'm so sorry I missed your birthday so here's my belated birthday wish and I'm so pleased that you and Dee Dee got to meet up that is so cool and it really nice to have a face to the name... are you sure you are over 3o??? hugs wendy

DeeDee said...

Hey Angela

I had so much fun and it was very nice to meet you... I love your work and have fun when I come to you blog... you dont look a day over 29 no worries...I am well past

I love both ATC cards..the hair is awesome

will catch up with you soon... :D

Ady said...

Gorgeous angel. And I'm with everyone else - you do not look like you're over 40 at all. Loving your strawberry tote pouch!

quietandsmalladventures said...

happy ageless birthday! after 21 (many moons ago) i decided i'm only celebrating birthdays not numbers. have a great birthday week!

Linda said...

What fun to meet a fellow blogger and the angel she made is wonderful! The steam punk cards are is the tote...very clever!!

webbsway said...

Gosh, you two favor each other enough to be lost sisters. :) What a Lovely gift she made for you!