Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Look 6984

I wish you could see this fabric in person! It is so thin and soft. I finished this dress/tunic yesterday. I actually started it as a dress, but I ended up making it shorter. Sew, my daughter can either wear it as a long tunic-like top or a minidress. As her mother, I'm hoping she opts for the tunic. I made a few other than the length as well. I used bias tape to finish the bottom hem. Since the fabric is so light, this tape helped to add some weight to it; this helped it hang nicer.

When I started this project, I bought matching pink fabric to sew a lining. I have never lined anything other than a purse before, but I thought I could manage. Halfway through, however, I decided not to sew a lining, but just buy a light pink or white tank top for my daughter to wear underneath. I changed my mind for two basic reasons:
  1. Explicit instructions were not available
  2. Time: short on.
I wanted to get this project, along with the black and white skirt I made in the mail ASAP, so I decided to buy an undershirt. I'm still having camera issues. I hope to have this resoved before my next project, which, by the way, is a purse. I have been doing so many clothes items recently! I sew need to make a purse! Stay tuned, I may just do another tutorial as well!

I must say, I have learned a lot doing these last few projects. Besides sewing a zipper into a skirt, and creating pleats, I feel like I've had a better understanding of these patterns, especially the McCall's Crafty skirt. It's really kind of neat when things actually turn out like they are supposed to!

PS. I refuse to acknowledge Sean and David (yeah I watched the Patridge Family) Cassidy are "vintage."


Cyndi said...

Angela, that tunic/mini dress is beautiful! I love that fabric. You know, those types of tops are really popular in the stores now and none of them are lined. I just bought several for my vacation and I got tank tops to go underneath. Worked great and looks good, too!

Glad you feel that way about Sean and David....I really don't want to be "vintage" yet! LOL!!!

I am working on a couple of special orders now, but plan to do that wallet tutorial soon. Come on by my blog tomorrow because I'm posting my next give away! :o)



Angela said...

Thanks so much! I sure hope my daughter likes this tunic, too! It really is pretty!

I definately will be signing up for your next giveaway!