Friday, May 13, 2011

A Necessary Tutorial Update and More Bags

You know it's Spring in the Mid West when the temperature fluctuates 40 degrees up and down in a few days!  Another big clue is observing the Wal-Mart crowd.  Half in shorts, flip flops and the odd muscle (loosely said) shirt.  The other half clad in winter coats and scarves!  Last weekend we turned on the A/C and I got a sunburn.  Today I donned my heavy coat when I went to work and am now wishing my husband would not have turned off our gas!  Damn you, Al Gore!

I got a bit of sewing done since my last post.  I'm hoping to have my Etsy Shop up and running by the end of May.  Fingers crossed!  Here are a few of the bags I finished this week:

"Pin Up" Bag

Close Up of "Pin Up" Bag
Close Up of "Kimono" Bag
After printing both these images onto transparencies and then transferring them to fabric for the bags using gel medium, I embroidered certain areas, like the pin up gal's shoes.  The other day I was trying to explain to a friend how to transfer images to fabric.  I told her to read the tutorial I had written.  I was mortified when I clicked over to review my tutorial and realized that I had left out an important step in this process!  I had totally omitted the part about applying the gel medium!  So, if you've read my tutorial and wondered...what?  I've written up and hopefully explained how to apply the gel so you can achieve the best results!  Remember, this process is is not perfect...and that's what is so great!  You will never get the same results twice!  In other words, the resulting image on your fabric will not look like you printed it directly onto the fabric via a computer printer.  You are transferring a printed image onto the fabric by hand.  Therefore, even if you use the same image twice, they will not turn out exactly the same.  That's what makes whatever you make with your image so unique!  

Hope you all have a fantastic (and at least sunny) weekend!
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DeeDee said...

lol.. I told you I didn't understand are too funny..I will read them again. . I so love your bags and cannot wait to see your shop open... stay warm and keep cool.. we have had air on for over a month now... :D

Linda said...

Our weather does the same thing this time of year...I think it's so funny to see someone in Uggs and's cool today...maybe 60...not quite winterweather to most, but cool to us! Love your little bags! Your Etsy shop is bound to be a success!

Rosemary said...

I still haven't tried it, but now I can say uh, it was because it was missing a step (lol). I love your bags and I think you are going to do really well. Such cute touches to add the embroidery.

I know what you mean about the weather - but it will eventually get fixed in one direction - HOT.

Fabric Art said...

Angela a girl can never have to many bags, I love bags and have made many, your bags are beautiful, love the kimono image is so wonderful.Have a nice week.