Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Rubens Inspired Dress & Artful Bag!

Ok, first, this was a hard challenge.  The dresses Rubens painted were usually ornate and frilly.  He seemed to either go all in decadence, lace, and frills or nothing..ladies in various states of all their glory.  Anyway, I managed to finish my dress, which is based on Portrait of the Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria, 1606.

My photo didn't turn out great.  I painted card stock shimmery silver and white and then accented with strips of gold and red glitter paper.  Honestly, I'm glad May is over because I am really excited about June's theme!

I finished my bag for Frosted Petunias Artful Bag Challenge.  I used a piece of stationary paper to create a summer clutch.  I even used a real snap for the closure!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Tootles!
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Cyndi said...

I think our Rubens dress turned out great, Angi. You really captured the flow of that dress! And your clutch is killer...wouldn't that be awesome in fabrics like that? Can't wait to see the June dresses!



Cyndi said...

Uh... that should say "your" Rubens dress... I contributed absolutely nothing to Angela's wonderful dress! LOL!



DeeDee said...

Oh Angela...

You did an awesome job on boht of them... love, love your dress..

cannot wait to see June's Artist

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

linda criação!

Linda said...

I think the Ruben's dress turned out are so talented!

Selma said...

This so baroque dress. So beautiful and elegant.

Fabric Art said...

Wow Angela what a fantastic dress you have made, and the bag so beautiful.

Liza said...

Great Rubens dress! I love the glittery paper and who knew bee hive hair doos were retro in the 60's! I loved looking at all the May submissions and am saving the June ones for once I FINISH my June submission! A great incentive, tho, 'cause I really love what people are doing... It's as if each month, talents grow and creativity soars! - Liza