Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sew Easy A Caveman (woman) Can Do It?

You know what's weird?  It is supposedly a "short" week due to the holiday Monday, but it sure hasn't seemed like a short week for me!  Of course, I worked on Monday, so it technically hasn't been a short work week, but still...I'm rambling aren't I?  Okay, did you notice my header?  I've been messing about with my Photoshop in my spare time and have come up with a few new header designs.  I'll be showing my different designs and asking for input and feedback from you all as to which you like the most.  For a few of my new headers, including tonight's example,  I have used "clusters" I downloaded from Raspberry Road Designs.  They design digital scrapbooking "stuff."  And, even though I really have no idea what is what in the digital scrapbooking world, I think their designs are awesome.  This particular cluster was a "freebie."  What do you think?  Oh, and check out my new Button!  You like??  Go ahead...GRAB IT!

Besides pulling my hair out trying to figure out Photoshop, I have finished a few sewing projects, including this rice bag:

This is actually two square pouches.  The inner pouch is filled with long grain rice, which I sprinkled with a touch of clove oil.  I sewed this inner pouch closed.  The outer pouch covers the inner one and it has a zipper closure.  The zipper is actually hidden under the fold of the pouch.  I've asked a few of the ladies who work in my office to be my guinea pigs, or rather market testers with these pouches.  These ladies type like nobody's business.  Some  are just a few keystrokes away from wearing those white  wrist support thingies for "carpal tunnel syndrome."  I'm thinking (hoping) my sewn little pouches may make their wrists feel better after a long day.  Fingers crossed!  (Can you still cross with carpal??)

I've also been looking at different fabrics online.  I'm trying to decide what I will use for my first Hepburn Hepburn Project.  I think I'm going to start with the coat.  I've decided on Simplicity 5301, the "easy" one.  I'm actually stumped on a picking a fabric.  Usually that's the easy part for me!

 Yes, I've also been working on my September Blissfull ATC Swap card and my ATC container for the contest.  The card is due on the 15th and the container on the 20th.  I'm super excited to get to see everyone's projects!

Oh, I managed to slip into the beauty shop on Sunday...I can't tell you how desparate I had become.  I'll just say this:  the Cro-magnen look is not a good one for me!  (I'm talking eyebrows here!)

Toodles for now!


Cyndi said...

Hey Angela! Well, I do like that new header, but want to see the others before I give you my "vote"! :o) And your new button is cute...I have your old one...should I grab the new one instead?

I know you'll find just the right fabric for your Hepburn Hepburn project. Glad you're going with Simplicity 5301 - I really liked that one!

Just wait until won't need to worry about having too many'll be wondering where the hell they went! Eyebrow pencils and I are on really good terms these days!



Anonymous said...

You are so busy! Do you sleep?

Heather said...

Love the rice bags. I use socks for my rice bags but yours are so pretty. heated rice really helps for pain anywhere. I never thought making a bag like that to put rice in. Great idea!

Sammy said...

Hi Angela,
I really like your header, and I love the chat with me bit! As for the coat what type of fabric are you looking for for example. linen. wool..?
I will grab your new button to put in my blog.


-Samya ;-)

Blissfull ATC swap said...

love the new header and I'm going to look at that link to see what they have... and I up you with one pair of feet...nail need cutting that I could do stand in work for a dinosaur.... have a great weekend Hugs Wendy

Fursdon House said...

Hi Angela! I'm convinced that every "short week" is simply one we cram 5 days worth of life and work into 4 days! But I love those long weekends!! Just finished my ATC and I hope you enjoy it! Great idea about the rice bags. Do they just lay on the wrist (or vice versa)? Just a thought - what about making a wide "bracelet" pouch with rice inside and a velcro fastener? Just a thought.

Looking forward to heearing from you! Jan

Shelia said...

Hi Angela! I like your new header. You've been a busy one!
That's a very cute rice bag and hope it helps your co workers and their tiny wrists! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,