Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Not Above Bribery

Bribes anyone?  I'm offering bribes to all who vote for my ATC Holder!  Just kidding!  I just want your vote!  There is still time, so go to and vote for mine!

On a serious note, I need to apologize to ANNA at Frosted Petunias for calling her "Penny," in my previous post regarding my ATC Holder.  I received from second ATC from Anna and it is just superb.  I became a follower of her blog and an admirer of her art since swapping with her last month.  I have no clue why I called her Penny!  Anyway, sorry again Anna.

On a sewing note, I finished up on a new computer keyboard wrist rest and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the typing ladies at work.  You might remember that I made a square wrist rest a few weeks ago and took that into the office for "market testing."  Well, it only took a few minutes for the gals to advise that the rest should not be a square, but a long rectangle...the length of the keyboard.  So, with their suggestions, I created a keyboard wrist rest.  It has made it around the office and it was given the "Thumbs Up" and "Winner" tag!  I am working on writing a tutorial, so stay tuned.  I'm hoping to post it in the next few days!  In the meantime, here is a photo of the completed project.

One last thing, I changed my header again since my last post.  I'm really pleased with this one.  I have wanted to keep the vintage photo of the lady sewer and her daughter incorporated into whichever header I finally chose.  But I also wanted something new.  I think I have achieved this in this header I made.  I hope you like it, too.

Remember to vote!
Toodles for now,


Cortney Lyon said...

I noticed the new header right away and I love it. It is even better than the one you put up yesteday-in hindsight the image on the TV was too small, but the idea was good. I love how creativity morphs itself depending on the time and mood of the day.

I just sent an email with my vote for you. Good Luck!

DeeDee said...

oh yes..I love did a great job and what a fun way to display your cards...

good luck

Sammy said...

Angela, you do not have to bribe me. I voted for you, the ATC Holder is beautiful. Good Luck


-Samya ;-0

theodora said...

I think the p from the word petunias and the n's from ann so you got penny it's very easy to get our wires mixed sometimes, I like your header ,you have become a real computer geek,happy sewing !!and I will vote for you

Anna @ Frosted Petunias said...

Angela you are too funny! I agree it must be the 2 'n's that made you think of Penny! Thanks for your lovely comment. I love YOUR ATC holder. And you even put my note card there! I still have to write notes on my 'pages' too so I can see who the cards are from. I love your 'Leif' card! Brilliant!

Cyndi said...

I already voted for you...can I vote again? LOL!!! That wrist rest is pretty cool...are the girls in the office fighting over it? You're going to have to make them each one, you know!

Yes, I agree with you...I like this header the best. Are you going to keep it?