Friday, September 3, 2010

Flea Market Friday! Bluebirds, Retro Sewing Patterns, and Scrapbooking?

Is this an awesome card or what?!  I love, repeat love, BLUEBIRDS!  I've always enjoyed birds..well, I haven't enjoyed real birds expect from afar...really afar.  But, bluebirds, well, I love them.  I started collecting them after my mom passed away almost six years ago.  You see she carried a little Bluebird of Happiness in her purse for years.  I don't know where or from whom she got it, but I think she must of thought of it as a sort of good luck charm.  After she died, I got this little glass sculpture and thus began my collection.  Over the years I have hunted them in flea markets, junk shops, antique malls, and even garage sales.  They are much harder to find than one might think.  I scored today, however.  My flea market Friday trip to Good JuJu paid off!  Have a look at my treasure.

Two BB of Happiness atop a glass heart

Today's find within my collection
I have never seen a BBH (Bluebird of Happiness) like this before.  There are actually two birds sitting on top of a heart.  Have you?  I think they are pretty cool.

Beside this BBH Big-Time Find today, I also found a few vintage sewing patterns.  As I wrote in a previous post, I am participating in the Hepburn Hepburn Project at Rhinestones and Telephones.  So, I am on the lookout for Hepburn-esque patterns.  I think I found two today.  Both are coats.  I'm not sure which one I will actually make.  I am leaning toward Simplicity 5301 because there isn't a collar to deal with...okay, it also says, "Simple To Sew."  Of course Simplicity 5526 states it is a "Look Slimmer Pattern."  Looking slimmer is always a plus.  What do you think?  Let's have a vote!  Comment your vote for which pattern I should use and state if you think your choice is more Katherine or Audrey-esque!

Look Slimmer Pattern or Simple to Sew?

Okay, one last thing.  I finally got signed up for an online journaling class.  It's called Discovering Myself.  Although I've started doing the ATCs recently, I've never done scrapbooking or journaling before, but I am super excited about this class.   I stumbled across Bonnie's blog (Bonnie VanEsch Designs AKA Scrapping Till The Cows Come Home) and found her designs and blog itself absolutely beautiful!  The class doesn't begin until September 24, so if you are interested, check it out! 

I hope you all have a fabulous and safe holiday weekend!

Toodles for now!


agypsyangel said...

Those blue glass bluebirds are wonderful. I would go with the look slimmer...just sounds great :)

Sammy said...

I love your post, especially the blue bird. Cute little fella-!!


_Samya :-)

Shelia said...

Hi Angela! Oh, what sweet bluebirds! I've never seen any like that cute little pair!
Now about your patterns - I love 'em! I like the one you picked best and to me it looks like a Jackie Kennedy coat! :) Just my tiny two cents! ;)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie and good luck with your journaling class.
Shelia ;)

Cyndi said...

Okay, this is about the 10th time I've tried to comment on your post, Angela. Blogger kept giving me an "error" code and kicking me off!

So, I didn't know you also collected bluebirds! I have lots of vintage bluebird post cards and have multiples of some of them, so I'll be sending some your way! And I have never seen that particular BBoH piece...what a find!

I particularly like Simplicity 5301 myself. And to me, both of those patterns are more Audrey-esque than Katherine-esque. I always picture Katherine in pants!

Hope you're having a great weekend!



Cindy Adkins said...

Angela, thank you so much for your prayers...I really appreciate your help.

antmee said...

What a lucky find! The blue birds are adorable!

theodora said...

hi Angela I love your flea market finds ,the blue bird card is so cute i love all vintage cards, I have a little collection not of birds though, I also love the patterns reminds me of going to the fabric store and looking at all those huge catalogs at a long table and there would be women sitting there flipping the pages along with me and my mom in silence thinking of what pattern to purchase ,we used to have tons of patterns like those . good luck on the coat I can't wait to see it I purchased a coat pattern from e-bay a couple of years ago wanting to sew a coat ,but never did yet there is time ahead maybe I will the design is a classic , take care theodora

mya said...

I also think that the coats look more like Audrey. If I were to pick one for Katy it would be the collared one, because it would go nicely with pants.
My mother also has the small, single bluebird, and no, I have never seen the two on a heart, very interesting.