Thursday, April 12, 2012

Winging It

The lilacs in my yard have finished blooming.  The clematis, however, is going mad!  I will post a photo as soon as I can pull my winter clothes back out of my closet!  I've said it before, but I still can't get over that it can be 90 degrees here one day and the next it is barely 50!  Seriously, our air conditioning was running on April 1st!  Today, I'm tempted to flip the heat back on!  The only way to keep warm is to keep moving!  I've spent the day cleaning and vacuuming my house.  It truly needed it!  I also started quilting my batik quilt.  I had put it off because I was nervous about doing such a large quilt myself.  I decided, however, just to start and not worry about getting it perfect.  After much thought (too much), I committed to straight line quilting.  I  didn't measure or draw lines, however.  I just followed the horizontal and vertical seem lines.  I just winged it!  That's a new quilting term!  I will show you as soon as I'm finished.  In the meantime, have a look at my Octopus Wall Hanging:

It's kind of plain, but, according to my daughter, "simple" is better.  I quilted this one using straight lines, too. I followed the seem lines around the inside and outside borders and then along the horizontal and vertical lines around the squares.  I'm pleased with the piece overall, but especially happy with how the octopus image transferred.  I got the octopus image from The Graphics Fairy.  Instead of transferring it onto the fabric using gel medium, I printed it directly onto off-white fabric using freezer paper.  

It came out so great!  It was so easy, too!  I'm definitely going to be using this method a lot more...especially for my bags!

Gotta run!  Tootles!

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Cyndi said...

Love, love, love it Angi! You did an awesome job, and it looks great hanging over that chest!!! And just don't worry about the quilting of your Blueberry Hill's going to be great!



Heather and Kathy said...

great job Angi!!! How lovely! It is crazy temperature wise here too. Last week was in the 70s and this week the 40s and snowing. It is insane. I have the heat on. I just can't handle being too cold.


Corrine at said...

Miss octo did come out great. I like the surround, is that flying geese or something like it. I am no quilter so it's a guess at best. We are 80 here today and it was cold earlier in the week, but no 90's thankfully. xox

Ady said...

Lovely little wall hanging there and great job with the octopus, Angela. The spring weather over here a bit crazy too - a couple of weeks ago is was mild enough for my kids to run around in shorts and short sleeved tees and this week we're bundled up in our winter coats again!

Scribbler said...

LOVE this!