Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vintage Sewing

I slipped away today to one of my favorite antique malls.  I came home with a few old sewing books, like the one pictured above.  It's from 1958!  I also picked up a few not so old recipe books.  I think they are from the early 1990s and they are full of low calorie recipes.  I know, not very exciting, but I'm committed to sticking to this diet.  I've lost nearly 20 pounds and am motivated, finally, to getting fit and staying healthy.  By the way, August is the third anniversary of being a quitter...a non-smoker, that is.  Woot woot!   

Flapper Girl Zipper Bag

Happy Secretary Zipper Bag

Thanks to all you guys for visiting my Etsy Shop.  I've added a few more image transfer bags, embellished with fabric yo-yos and buttons, so please visit again and pick out your favorite(s).  Remember my GIVEAWAY ends Monday!  I'd love to make it to 200 Followers, too!  Hint hint!  Also, be sure to link up to the August Dress Up!  August will be over before you know it!
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DeeDee said...

You go girl.. 20lbs is alot of will power... you have done a great job ..wish I could follow in your foot steps..

and the smoking is the best deal... I quit in 1998..

I love your flapper with the yoyo's too... where is the place you sign up as a follower.. I cannot find it.. I think I follow you via direct link from my blog...

anyways.. keep up the good work.. :D

Heather and Kathy said...

congratulations on the weight loss! and the quitting of smoking! I love your work! Keep it up!


Linda said...

I love the Happy cute...your little bags are darling! How is your shop doing? Good job on the staying off smoking...I bet you have more energy now!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Congrats on three years.....the weight thing is tough I know. I quite 16 years ago and gained 40 pounds, very tough, and not much came off. But I keep moving. Just quitting is so healthy in and of itself. You go girl. So much sewing vintage out there. I am seeing it everywhere. Scoop it up now while it's still relatively cheap. xox Corrine

Geri Centonze said...

Has the giveaway ended? Just wanted to know so I can remove the link from artsee bloggers - By the way, congrats on the weight loss (what program are you following?)