Monday, August 1, 2011

New Image Transfer Zippy Bags

Is it Friday yet?  Wow, it's only Monday and I am so ready for the weekend!  I got a few bags completed this past Saturday and I want to get back into my sewing studio to keep it going.  I got to spend most of the day in my sewing studio.  It was so great....just me and my Janome.  I finished up a few "free-motion" bags as well as a couple of image transferred zippy bags, including the one pictured above.  I embellished the Cowgals bag with some beads and embroidery, as well as some ribbon on the bottom.  Here is a look at the back of the bag as well as the inside:

I transferred another image, this one depicting an old bicycle messenger service.  I didn't embellish this image. Instead, I "patchworked" the back of the bag.

"Adams Express"

You might recognize the fabric I used for the rear of the bag.  It's that scrumptious Etsuko Fuyura designed Echino fabric I used for my daughter's Sweet Pea purse.  Still love that fabric!

I am really pleased with how the images transferred.  I still think the results achieved using the gel medium transfer method is so much better than printing directly onto computer "fabric."  It's just more genuine, if that makes sense.  Anyway, read through my Image Transfer Tutorial and give it a try...I think you'll be really impressed!

Stay cool everyone!  It was officially 104 degrees outside as I drove home this afternoon...and I just heard tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the year!!  Ugh!

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Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

These are fantastic Angela! I wish I could sew sew. I am just not detail crazy enough. I really love the cowgirl one...keep sewing these, so cool. xox Corrine

Cyndi said...

Both of those little zippy bags are so cool, Angi! Those images are fantastic. I really love the Cowgirl one! Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the year here, too!



P.S. I'll pray that Friday comes quickly for you! :o)

Linda said...

Love those little bags...I have been wanting to make some of those with my own style on them...I have never put a zipper in a it hard? I have done lots of them in clothes...It is hot again today is supposed to be 94, but that's pretty normal for this time of year...I don't like it though!

Sherry Edwards said...

Hi Angela, your little bags are just the best! Great image transfers too x

Tammy said...

Cute bags! Love the image transfers. Thanks for sharing them with us!!

antmee said...

Love your image transfer bags and your tutorial is fantastic! It's definitely on my list of things to try one day.

Emma said...

Bags look so good!!! I've looked on the tut before and I don't know what the equivalent stuff is over here in UK. I've never seen the stuff you use over here, but i could have been looking in the wrong place! One day, I'll do it, as I Love the effects! Love your cool purses and bags.
We've got your heatwave here in England too, its El Scorchio!!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Fabulous pieces, your little bags look wonderful.

Teresa's Quilt Stash said...

Those are so cool! OK we need to share our secrets real soon.