Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm back from the Buffalo National River, the only national river in America!  Arkansas is one of the most beautiful States and this river is gorgeous.  Imagine canoeing in a crystal clear aquarium.  That's the Buffalo!  Camping here was nice, too.  It was also a lot of work!  It was worth it, though.  I am pretty sure I lost at least10 pounds in sweat!  I also and got a bit of a suntan, which has proven my theory that tan fat looks a lot better than super white fat!    

If you ever get to the Buffalo, be prepared for going off grid during your entire trip.  Zero cell phone service, zero internet access!  The first day was pretty rough, trust me..especially for a city gal like myself!  Thanks for hanging with me while I was away.  I have so many emails to respond to and so many blogs to catch up on, which is what I'm going to do after I hit the shower!  Did I mention the campsite had no showers?  YUK!

While I'm getting five days of grime off me, please have a look at the first dress posted for June's Dress Up!  I know the Asian theme is going to be great!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! Had a trip planned to Arkansas this summer to the National Park to stay in this old lodge, hike, fish, etc. Fell through. Hubbies job is cramping our style. Glad you got away and survived. That's a lot of days without the shower and internet. I would have gone through withdrawl.

skoots1mom said...

congrats on making it through the trip...sounds beautiful.
thx 4 stopping by my site ;)

Cyndi said...

Hey there! Welcome home from the "wilds"! The Buffalo River is absolutely gorgeous, no? We used to go there all the time when I was a kid...had family friends in Arkansas and with it being right above Louisiana, it wasn't too far to go. I don't think we stayed in any primitive campsites, mom wouldn't have gone for that! LOL!



Heather said...

Glad you had a good trip. I love camping!!! Although at this point in time, a good camper would be good for me!!!

Linda said...

Welcome back...primitive camping is the only way my husband likes to camp...I don't mind when ther's water nearby...but sometimes it's really rough.