Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Giant Rooster? Oh Yeah!

Last year's first vacation post photo was of an Elvis impersonator.  This's a giant rooster!  Welcome to Branson, Missouri!

We went horsebacking riding yesterday.  It was awesome.  Charlotte's horse was named, Abby.  Mine was called, Rebel and my husband had, "Arnold."  The ride was terrific.  The trail was rugged, but the horses knew what and where they were going.  We walked along a stream..and crossed it.  Rebel even trotted a bit.  Perfect.

After the ride, my husband dropped me off at a huge quilt/fabric shop.  I was in heaven.  I bought a book about embroidery and one on painting on fabric.  I also bought some really cool fabric.  What made it even cooler, was that it was on sale!

  After the quilt shop, a giant flea market!  I didn't buy anything here, but did find a few interesting pieces.

Bird Vase

Tea Brewer (that's what the tag said)

Sewing Basket

Just because.

The pool is calling, too!  Tootles for now!

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Stephanie said...

There is a giant rooster in (or around) Two Harbors, MN. I don't remember where, but I DO remember being video-taped next to it shouting "I love the c-ck" don't ask me why! I have no idea. Okay...well, maybe because it's a cult movie quote. Speaking of cults...stay tuned to my blog for more!

Heather and Kathy said...

How cool! I am glad you are having a great vacation!!!! Can't wait to see on the pictures!

Cyndi said...

That rooster is too funny - love it! And I'm glad that you all are having a great time. I have never been to Branson but sure hope to get there one day! Love that fabric, Angela...great choice! I'll be writing you tomorrow! :o)



Linda said...

So cute...I have never been to sounds fun though...maybe one day! I love horseback riding, but I haven't done it in much fun!!

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

lindos achados no mercado das pulgas!